Changes in the Retail Industry as a Result of Conversational Commerce Practices

Jul 28, 2016 10:49:23 AM

Sophorn Chhay, the marketing guy at Trumpia, takes control of The Panda Express for the day to tell us more about how conversational commerce practices have changed the retail industry.

The retail industry has changed significantly over the last several years, as customers and businesses are finding new ways to connect. While the old ways of print advertising and sending out flyers to homes still exist, the buying process is much more interactive now. Customers are reaching for their mobile devices and searching for goods and services in their area. They are reaching out to businesses on social media. Customers are asking questions through email and texting applications, and they're doing thorough research before making significant purchases. To keep up with the times, it's important to establish solid communication channels to reach your customer base.

Get Your Social Media Platforms Buzzing

If you aren't on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you are missing out on a wide audience. Each platform offers a little something different to businesses and customers, but the general idea is the same. On social media you share stories, interesting news, and well-crafted content in an effort to get customers excited about what you have to sell. You have to set up accounts at each site, and create great content for you blog that you can share on social media networks. The better your content is, the more it will get shared by people who are following you on social media.

Keep the Conversation Going

Once you have built up your presence on social media, you have to keep the conversation going. This means you have to pay careful attention to your posts, and respond to comments as often as possible. If a potential customer messages you through a social media site, respond to the inquiry in a timely manner. The more you can respond to comments, the bigger the conversation is going to get. Customers want to know that you are paying attention, and you can show that you are with a simple response.

Keep Your Blog Fresh

The content on your blog is essential, but it is often a piece of marketing that businesses will skimp on. While it may feel like you are writing great content for nothing, each and every blog post is building your brand and getting customers to notice you. If your content is boring, people are going to forget about you easily. If your blog content is great, people will keep coming back for more. People who read your blog may comment, and to keep the conversation going you need to respond to comments on your blog, too. 

Give Customers The Option of Communicating via Text

Allow customers access to your business through a texting platform. Customers are always on their mobile devices, and they want quick answers. This can be resolved by investing in a texting platform and giving customers access to your business through texting. This is a cost-effective solution when customers want answers fast.


About our Guest Blogger: Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, a mobile content delivery service that allows users to customize their one-to-one marketing efforts by interconnecting and optimizing all digital platforms. As an innovator in two-way SMS messaging, Trumpia's mission is to empower brands and public figures with interactive access to their audiences, reaching targeted affinity groups in a personal way. 


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