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Posted: 17th of July 2018 by Mischa Walmsley

CRAP Future Leaders London

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I am incredibly excited and proud to be able to announce CRAP Future Leaders London is alive!

In as much as the conversation has begun, and we'll be looking to schedule our first event soon (most likely toward the end of August!)

What is CRAP talks?

The core values of CRAP Talks hold true: CRAP Talks is a forum to share ideas however big or small. A place for open minds to come together and share in the wisdom of those who have something worth saying and where inspiration and passion walk side by side with practicality and application.

Future Leaders aims to provide a platform, forum, and community which will support and enable aspiring, junior or established leaders. It is for people who recognise that like anything else, leadership is a skill that can be improved through education and practise.

We're not about textbook solutions, we're looking for people to share their experience and provide real stories and takeaways, not just gimmicky lists that can be found on Google. Authentic experiences.

We want to inspire leaders to not just think, but to act so that they can change and then lead others to do the same.

Are you interested to hear more?

Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/Future-Leaders-London/

Call me: 074872 031 282

Email: mischa.walmsley@cranberrypanda.co.uk

Here's an interesting article from the site: 'Please can we stop calling them soft skills'.

Our web & data analytics panda, Aimi, is also a big CRAP fan! Read her summary of the most recent event, CRAP Talks 8

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