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Here at cranberry panda we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the most recent trends, how-to’s and creative ideas within the digital sphere. This is how we understand what ecommerce businesses need and so we can continue our mission of creating happiness one job at the time. So, at cranberry towers, reading, observing, reflecting upon and discussing things just come naturally to us.

While doing all of that, we stumbled upon a very insightful article by Creative Review featuring three candidates we placed in the world class ecommerce team at Simba Sleep. Here, Andrea, Charles and Greg give us a lesson or two on how to do paid social the right way. We thought that what they had to say was very interesting indeed, but in case you’re running short of time, here are our three highlights…

Make your digital content consistent with who you are

It is important to make the content you create consistent with the products you make. If this is an innovative and state-of-the-art creation, you need to make sure your audience knows. “We want to make sure every single thing we do is anchored around our innovation approach”, says Charles, Simba’s CMO and our first placement into the business.

Adapting is the key to survival

Not just to survive, but also to thrive! We had the pleasure of introducing Simba Sleep to Andrea Ursini, now Paid Social Lead, who stresses the importance of tailoring the digital content to the social channel it is displayed on. He says: “Instead of replicating the same things and putting them on people’s feeds, we try to adapt [paid social posts] to fit within the environment in which they’re going to be consumed.” Words of wisdom indeed.

Everyone’s a (potential) customer

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep right? Well, in Andrea’s eyes, this means that everyone is a potential Simba’s customer. That’s the philosophy behind the brands digital strategy – they are well aware that Simba’s potential customer base is rather enormous.

That’s why the search advertising strategy is targeted to people who are actively looking for sleep-related merchandise, but Facebook ads are aimed also to passive customers. You never know when one will get tired (literally) of sleeping in that old, dusty mattress. 

Finally, we also caught up with Alex who has recently joined the team at Simba Sleep, adding value with knowledge from his background as a life-course epidemiology researcher specialising in psychosocial research. He also provides input to behavioural targeting strategies and insightful data analysis.

Simba Sleep is doing great - everyone can see that. As recruiters of this inspirational team, we can’t help showing a little grin of satisfaction every time we see one of their Facebook posts, Instagram stories or TV ads. What can we say, we are proud pandas!

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