Digital Design Jobs - Specialism Spotlight

Dec 27, 2020 10:32:32 AM

As an ecommerce & digital recruitment agency, digital design jobs play a big part in our recruitment offering. However, we cover many creative roles within this specialism...not just digital design.

So, for our second specialism spotlight we are going to take you through all the roles we work on within the digital design & creative space. Whether you are a candidate looking for one of these opportunities, or an employer needing to hire for a vacancy, we've got you covered!

Our Digital Design & Creative recruitment areas

The creative teams in an ecommerce business play a huge role. Having worked in this specialism for many years, we have seen creative teams evolve with new skills and talent required to really stand out.

Digital Design 

Digital Design jobs are where it all started for cranberry panda's creative specialism. The roles we recruit for are...

  • Junior Digital Designer
  • Digital Designer/Mid-weight Designer
  • Senior Digital Designer 
  • Digital Design Lead
  • Head of Design
  • Art Director

The enjoyment of placing these roles is hard to beat. We get to see the brilliant work our candidates do when they join a business, as we know all the creative visuals and design functionality we see online come from them. We've placed these roles across beauty, fashion, luxury and tech. One highlight for us was placing the first design employee for a well known retailer, who then went on to work with us to build the entire team!

Graphic Design

Working on Graphic Design jobs is a relatively new aspect of our creative specialism. However, these roles have become more important to the overall creative output of an ecommerce business. We have so far recruited for the following roles...

  • Graphic Designer
  • Senior Graphic Designer

We expect to see more of these roles, especially a demand for candidates who have a good mix of graphic and digital skills.

UX Design

The user experience starts with a thought out and intelligent website design. We introduced UX/UI Design to our creative recruitment offering as demand for these professionals grew. The roles we have worked on include...

  • Junior UX Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Senior UX Designer
  • Lead UX Designer
  • Head of UX

These roles continue to play a big part in our creative recruitment specialism, so we expect to see more opportunities across fashion, tech start-ups and luxury ecommerce companies in 2021!

Your Digital Design recruitment needs

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