Digital Marketing Jobs: Salaries in 2022

May 31, 2022 12:56:40 PM

What are the current benchmarks for digital marketing salaries?

Within eCommerce, digital marketing jobs are a core part of the team. It's a competitive world out there in retail, so brainstorming innovative campaigns that covert is no easy task.

Due to the hard work required of these roles, are digital marketing professionals getting the salary they deserve? To keep up with the latest trends, our 2022 eCommerce salary survey and insights report has salary benchmarks by job title.

At Cranberry Panda, we work across multiple specialisms within marketing. From broad digital marketing roles to specialist PPC roles, we will be covering many job titles in this blog post. Let's take a look at the 2022 digital marketing salaries...

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Assistant/Coordinator: £22k - £30k (last year £22k - £30k)
  • Digital Marketing Executive: £32k - £38k (last year £30k - £38k)
  • Senior Digital Marketing Executive: £32k - £40k (last year £32k - £40k)
  • Digital Marketing Manager: £38k - £70k (last year £35k - £70k)
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager: £60k - £80k (last year £60k - £75k)
  • Head of/Director/CMO: £80k - £180k (last year £70k - £150k)

Social Media

  • Social Media Assistant/Coordinator/Executive: £22k - £32k (last year £20k - £32k)
  • Social Media Manager: £35k - £55k (last year £30k - £55k)
  • Head of Social Media: £60k - £90k (last year £60k - £85k)

CRM/Email Marketing

  • CRM/Email Marketing Executive: £30k - £35k (last year £28k - £35k)
  • CRM/Email Marketing Manager: £35k - £80k (last year £35k - £80k)
  • Head of CRM: £80k - £120k (last year £70k - £110k)

Performance Marketing, Paid Search & Paid Social

  • Paid Search Executive/Specialist: £32k - £42k (last year £32k - £40k)
  • Paid Search Manager: £45k - £65k (last year £40k - £65k)
  • Paid Social Executive/Specialist: £35k - £45k (last year £30k - £45k)
  • Paid Social Manager: £45k - £70k (last year £40k - £70k)
  • Head of Paid Search: £70k - £85k (last year £65k - £85k)
  • Head of Paid Social: £70k - £85k (last year £65k - £85k)
  • Performance Marketing Executive/Specialist: £32k - £40k (last year £30k - £40k)
  • Performance Marketing Manager: £50k - £65k (last year £45k - £65k)
  • Director/Head of Performance Marketing: £80k - £120k (last year £70k - £120k)



  • SEO Executive: £30k - £35k (last year £28k - £35k)
  • SEO Manager: £45k - £60k (last year £35k - £60k)
  • Head of SEO: £60k - £120k (last year £60k - £120k)

Does your digital marketing job salary reflect these benchmarks?

Do the benchmarks above match your current salary? Or could YOU be earning more for your role? We're always here to discuss these in more detail, so do submit your CV or an enquiry to arrange a chat! You can also download the full report below to discover all of the insights! 

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