Digital Marketing Recruitment: Insights from marketing employees

Jul 22, 2021 8:56:39 AM

At cranberry panda, digital marketing recruitment is one of our core specialisms. We speak to talented marketing professionals every day, so we have a good idea of what they want and how they're feeling about the industry.

Furthermore, our 2021 ecommerce salary survey & insights report means that digital marketing talent were able to share their current sentiments and situation with us. We're going to share these views so that you can keep them in mind when hiring digital marketing talent.

Digital marketing employees working in eCommerce have a lot to do! Are they happy with their work-life balance? What challenges do they face? Let's find out!

Work-life balance for digital marketing employees

Let's start by finding out how digital marketing professionals feel about their work-life balance. With plenty of competitors in the eCommerce world, digital marketers have to always stay one step ahead - especially following the events of the last 18 months. Has this taken its toll?

60% of digital marketers are happy with their work-life balance while 40% are not. That's not a huge gap. Further to this, a huge 86% of digital marketing respondents believe management can do more to encourage work-life balance. Even those who are happy with their own work-life balance recognise that it needs to be a company wide discussion.

With the digital marketing talent on your team, do you ask them how they are feeling with their workload? When hiring talent for your team, it's likely candidates will want to see that they can have a positive balance if joining the company.

Overtime and digital marketing

Does overtime play a big part in digital marketing employee satisfaction? Looking at the work-life balance sentiments, it looks like there may be extra hours being done!

  • None: 14%
  • A few minutes here and there: 14%
  • Half an hour: 8%
  • An hour: 8%
  • Between 2-3 hours: 24%
  • Between 3-5 hours: 11%
  • More than 5 hours: 22%

As we can see, the majority of digital marketing respondents do more than 2 hours overtime a week. Throughout the pandemic, with so many people working from home, it became a habit to spend the usual commute time to start work. While things return to normal, it will be important to allow employees to realign themselves and tackle the workload.

Digital marketing team challenges

What will be a big challenge for digital marketing teams in the year ahead? There has been plenty of change in the working world, so how will they move forward?

  • Covid-19 uncertainty was far and away the most popular response. It will be important to show new talent how the pandemic was handled and how the company will grow from it.
  • Workplace happiness and wellbeing is a big challenge for any industry, no doubt stemming from the uncertainty we just discussed. How are you planning to put employees first?
  • Customer retention and acquisition are big challenges according to our digital marketing respondents. Customers have relied heavily on eCommerce, so keeping them engaged and happy is key to ongoing success.

Do you have digital marketing recruitment plans?

We hope our insights have given you some food for thought when it comes to your digital marketing recruitment strategy. Do you have any hires planned? If so, we can help - simply click below to get in touch with the team! You can also explore the latest digital marketing jobs. We hope to hear from you soon!

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