Digital Marketing Recruitment: Trends for job search success

Jan 14, 2021 11:41:42 AM

In the world of Digital Marketing recruitment, it has always been a tough job to stand out from the crowd. In the climate we find ourselves in right now, it's even tougher!

Securing that dream digital marketing job in the age of Covid-19, requires job seekers to work smarter. A key strategy for your job search is keeping up to date with digital marketing trends, especially those that have arisen due to the pandemic. 

As an ecommerce & digital recruitment agency, we always make sure to keep up to date with these trends so we can provide our candidates with the best possible insight when going forward for a new job. We wanted to share a few with you today!

Connecting to your audience through digital marketing

For digital marketing jobs, connecting to your audience has been central to the role since day one. That hasn't changed, but the way to connect to your audience has. 

In an article by The Drum, it outlines how the luxury market has had to adapt to bring the luxury experience to the audience at home. This has been something for all retailers to think about, with that human aspect of marketing and retail being changed drastically in the last year. In 2021, it will all be about reconnecting with your customers and working on campaigns that begin to restore normality. As a digital marketing professional, how can you help a business do this?

It's also important to consider the newer customers, who turned to ecommerce as they were unable to get the essentials themselves. This especially applies to more vulnerable members of a community, who might not be as in tune with digital as others. As this article points out, digital exclusion is a real thing - in this article, it looks primarily at payment options online.

We think this issue is broader and it means digital marketers have to create an inclusive space for all customers. When applying for roles, it's important to have the customers in mind when thinking about how you can create a digital marketing strategy that speaks to everyone on a personal level. 

Discussion point: How can your digital marketing skills combat any struggles customers might have and create a community that exudes a positive customer journey?

Digital transformation - how can you supercharge company success?

2020 saw many companies go through a digital transformation quicker than they had probably intended. It has all been about the ability to adapt and digital marketers looking for a new role need to show off how they react to change in a positive way.

This push for digital transformation has had a huge impact on the way brands recruit key roles in the business. They want to see a CV that really highlights the skills they need to further this transformation. The pandemic forced people into a digital transformation and now they have seen the great results from this, they will be looking for new ways to supercharge this in 2021. It truly is the year of acceleration for ecommerce and you need to prove you can keep up! 

Discussion point: What are your key skills when it comes to digital transformation and how can you adapt to ensure the brand maintains a fantastic digital presence that catches the customers eye? 

Utilising technology for digital marketing success

Did somebody say Zoom? That word alone will bring memories of lockdown flooding back for many years to come. Not only did it keep teams and families together, it allowed companies to maintain a virtual presence throughout lockdown.

It demonstrates just how important it is for marketers to recognise the technology and tools they need to keep campaigns alive. In October 2020, TikTok entered the ecommerce arena with a Shopify partnership, creating new ways to connect with its growing audience. 

When creating your CV, and preparing for interviews, it's of course important to touch upon your success with key tools and technology. However, to get ahead of the pack, highlight your ideas and innovation too!

Discussion point: What technology do you think will play a big part in digital marketing strategies in 2021? Let hiring managers know your thoughts...they will want to hear from someone willing to try new things!

Do you need digital marketing recruitment advice?

These digital marketing recruitment insights are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 2021 trends. The landscape has definitely changed and we're here to help you navigate it. Get in touch with the pandas to start your digital marketing job search! 

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