Digital Recruitment news: digital skills demand continues to grow!

Feb 5, 2021 8:18:18 AM

As a leading digital recruitment agency, we always keep up to date with the latest developments! We are passionate about investment in digital skills and we are now seeing more people turn to these in the age of Covid-19.

We've had a look through some recent articles and thought we would share our own thoughts on the continued demand for digital skills!

The skills switch in digital recruitment

Due to the pandemic, many people unfortunately lost their jobs in 2020. It is never an easy thing, though it allowed brands to recognise the need for more digital talent and skills. According to this article by Drapers, one in seven UK retailers created new digital roles in their teams. This was to meet the demand of customers shifting to online retail during the height of lockdown.

Eventually, the world will fall back into normality. That doesn't mean this digital skills demand will decrease, however. These customer habits are here to stay - they have grown accustomed to ecommerce and will recognise the need for it. So, it's time to look at your own digital team.

Are there any skills gaps to fill? Are you monitoring key developments in consumer behaviour so you can always be one step ahead? 

Training existing staff has been fundamental during the pandemic, but as our associate director Yasha highlights in this article, access to external digital talent is still high. Companies really do need to be willing to invest in this talent as the ecommerce landscape changes.

Investment in the future

We are all about supporting the nurturing of future digital talent. When we discovered the digital boot camp initiative from Generation UK, we were really impressed by the investment not only in the younger generation, but in digital skills.

This initiative is particularly relevant in the digital recruitment world because they are targeting the skills required for some of the most in-demand roles right now. Technology and ecommerce jobs are certainly on the rise!

Digital skills are in high demand, as we have already said, so initiatives like this one are allowing younger generations to overcome skills barriers. The fact that digital skills are high on the priority list, only shows how important it is to have this talent on your team. Keeping an eye on the digital talent of tomorrow is a growing trend...are you keeping up?

Customer satisfaction - digital skills to keep your customers happy

In ecommerce, of course it is all about the customer! The McKinsey's Covid-19 consumer sentiment survey is a true eye opener. It's so important to study the changes of consumers during the pandemic, so you can identify how digital talent in your team can keep the sentiments positive long after the pandemic crisis.

For example, the study shows many customers will continue to use contactless methods like 'Click & Collect.' Sure, these offerings might seem straight forward but can you think of innovative ways to thrill the customers who are using the services? We think those with digital skills will definitely have the upper hand. Even commonly used methods such as A/B testing will be massively important in the year your team tapping into this?

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