Digital Recruitment Insights: Discover the impact of Covid-19

Jun 7, 2021 9:20:36 AM

As an eCommerce & digital recruitment agency, we make sure we stay up to date with the latest news. When we started putting together our 2021 eCommerce salary survey & insights report questionnaire, we knew it was time to delve deeper into the events of 2020.

We introduced a new section of our questionnaire to focus on the impact of Covid-19 in the eCommerce space. We didn't want to look at company figures or sales trends...we wanted to hear from the people in this industry.

The candidates and employers we work with are important to us - we know ourselves how scary and unpredictable the pandemic was when it first began. So, that's why we wanted to hear about them.

We feel this is an important topic moving forward, as well-being is going to be an integral part of all organisations. With that in mind, we decided to present these findings separately to our main eCommerce report (which is available soon!)

Introducing 'Covid-19 & eCommerce: Reflections on 2020'

Careers were turned upside down throughout the pandemic - but did this affect ecommerce professionals. We must remember that even if a job role wasn't directly impacted, it does not mean people did not feel the stress of this worldwide pandemic.

The thoughts of these respondents is important to take into account for future hires - many people expect the workplace landscape to change. Here's what to expect from our report...

  • How many of our respondents saw their role directly impacted?
  • Will eCommerce professionals be requesting more work from home allowance?
  • Were companies quick to respond to the escalating situation?
  • What do people predict will happen to the eCommerce job/hiring market in 2021 and beyond?
  • Are people comfortable to return to their offices?

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These digital recruitment insights will really help you visualise how the ecommerce job market could change. Will work from home benefits be an absolute must? Are employees getting what they need for mental well-being? Simply click below to get your free copy of our report.

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eCommerce & Covid-19 Impact Report

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