Digital Recruitment in the news: digital talent in high demand!

Nov 17, 2020 3:06:17 PM

As a digital recruitment agency, cranberry panda always ensures to keep up to date with the latest developments in the ecommerce world.

It has been a crazy year, yet we've seen more positive developments for digital recruitment in Q4. Don't take our word for's a few highlights of what's happening in the industry.

The digital skills switch

In a fantastic article from Drapers, they share how the pandemic has seen ecommerce come to the forefront of consumer behaviour. However, would this harm those in traditional retail roles?

Focusing particularly on the fashion industry, Drapers reveals the sector has been hit by redundancies across many well known businesses. Unfortunately, this has been the case across so many industries - not just retail, digital and ecommerce!

This change in customer habits, with a move to online retail, has seen digital talent in high demand! Many businesses are also seeing this as an opportunity to upskill their existing talent. Henry Birch, CEO for The Very Group shared, "If someone is bright and adaptable, then they can learn a new channel and medium very quickly." The group is now adding 100 new roles, with more than half of these being digitally focused.

Tesco is also creating 16,000 jobs to support the huge online growth they have seen. Amongst all the uncertainty, we love seeing this digital recruitment drive giving employees and companies hope!

You can read the full article here! It even includes some insight from our associate director Yasha!

Adapting to the new normal

It's not just about hiring talent...the teams within many ecommerce businesses have had to adapt so quickly to new customer behaviours and their own working environments. Ecommerce staff retention is a big topic, but we do take our hats off to the many digital teams out there!

Not only are they striving to keep their customers happy, they are also embracing a sense of community to look out for their colleagues too!

A great example we found was from Sephora, who adapted quickly both in-store and online. The brand has always invested in their ecommerce channel, so they were prepared for the sudden lockdown in March 2020.

With people in lockdown, Sephora shifted its focus to self-care items - this proved to be a big winner with customers. In fact, they have seen a 75% growth in ecommerce this year! The brand has also put plenty of hard work into the stores, ensuring employees and customers are safe.

You can read more about it right here!

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