Digital Recruitment Trends: what are digital teams aiming for?

Oct 20, 2021 10:19:26 AM

As an eCommerce and digital recruitment agency, the cranberry panda team is always eager to hear what big plans our clients have. Furthermore, we want to really understand their digital teams and what their goals are as a collective.

This allows us to place the right candidates within their business, as we identify professionals who are aligned with the company goals and values. What are digital and eCommerce teams striving for in the year ahead?

It's safe to say that the last 18 months have changed the working landscape forever - but this does not mean digital teams can't aim big! Using our 2021 eCommerce salary survey & insights report, we reveal what goals our respondents said were important for their team.

Digital team goals in 2021

Here are the top digital team goals revealed in our eCommerce salary survey!

Tackling Covid-19 uncertainty: Many people were worried when lockdown first commenced. Management teams definitely had a hard time helping their team adapt, while employees themselves were thrust into a new way of working. Now, it's time to use these changes to your advantage - how can remote working increase productivity? How can teams come together to offer customers something new? 

Improving remote working capabilities: While remote working happened suddenly, companies have had enough time to reflect on how it has worked for the team and what can be improved. From creating hybrid working plans to improving remote communication, it seems this will be a big goal for companies everywhere. Remote working is pretty much expected by job seekers now...having a great approach to it will help attract talent. 

Improving customer acquisition: This has always been a big goal for teams, often claiming a top 3 spot in our salary survey questionnaire. So, it is unsurprising to see it remain a top goal. Moving forward, eCommerce teams will need to look at the successes during the pandemic and how they can elevate this as normality restores.

A focus on customer retention: eCommerce saw a huge boost during the pandemic, but it doesn't mean the customers will remain loyal to your brand. Teams are putting a big focus into keeping the many customers they gained throughout lockdown.

Talent acquisition: Hiring eCommerce and digital talent is always competitive. As we mentioned, job seekers will be looking at how the company has adapted to the events of 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, a focus on wellbeing and workplace happiness within the business will help structure an attractive talent attraction strategy!

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