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Ecommerce career progression is a big topic in the industry right now – more opportunities appear every day and ecommerce employees understand how fast paced it can be.

In our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report, we asked our respondents to finish the sentence ‘A year in a job is…’

This is a question we ask every year, as we are intrigued to find out exactly how ecommerce professionals feel after a year in their job. Is it time to start looking for a new role? Is there still time to find your feet and progress where you are?

Let’s have a look at the answers respondents have provided, and discover sentiments have towards the one-year work anniversary!

A year in a job is…

Is the key to ecommerce career progression to always be on the lookout for new opportunities? Let’s see what our respondents have said throughout the years…

A year in a job is a very long time

5% of our respondents believe that one year is a long time in one role. While quite a low percentage overall, it’s interesting to see there is a small number of respondents who believe that one year into a role might be the time to look elsewhere.

People do not like to look ‘jumpy’ on their CV’s, but if an employee feels there is more to be gained elsewhere then surely finding a new opportunity is the best thing for their career?

A year in a job is just the beginning

The first year of a new ecommerce job should be one of learning and excitement…and 39% of our salary survey respondents agree! One year in a role, for some, might be a time of getting settled and planning forward for what you want to achieve there.

A year in a job is not a long time if there is still room to progress

As mentioned, ecommerce career progression is well sought after! For two years running, ‘opportunity to progress’ has placed within the top three essentials for a role.

54% of our respondents believe that if there is still room to progress after a year in a role, then there is still plenty of time to get the most from their company.

Other answers

2% of our respondents selected other…here’s what they had to say:

  • ‘Have usually stayed for 2 years minimum.’
  • ‘Is enough to make significant achievements at my level, but 2 years in the same job starts to feel like a long time.’
  • ‘Is a time of learning.’
  • ‘Is the time when I start thinking about a pay rise if I am excelling in the role.’
  • ‘If the opportunity is still challenging then I’m happy to stay.’
  • ‘All of the above – it all depends on the role and the challenge.’

How do you feel about the first year of a role?

Is it the perfect time to get ecommerce career progression plans in place? Or is it simply a time to learn and really decide if it is the direction for you?

Remember, for more insights you can download a free copy of 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report!

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