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Sep 28, 2023 8:17:45 AM

When it comes to eCommerce executive search, planning is key. For such integral hires, it's not as simple as posting an advertisement and hoping the top talent in the industry comes to you.

It's all about relationship building. Not just with potential candidates, but with the right executive search recruitment agency who will be able to guide you on the way to hiring success. So, we wanted to talk about the talent pipeline and the benefits this concept offers if planned correctly.

What is a 'talent pipeline'? 

It's simple - creating a thorough research strategy for talent provides the business with a clear picture of the current talent landscape. When you are hiring executive talent, the recruitment strategy should begin long before the official search begins. As we said, this is not about recruiting to fill as and when. It's about identifying the type of leaders you want in your business when it comes to the succession of senior figures in the business.

Here are some key points to consider when building your talent pipeline...

  • What talent does the business need in the next 6 to 12 months?
  • What skills are essential for this particular C-Suite role?
  • When are the key hiring periods and how can you action recruitment marketing/employer branding accordingly?
  • What are your current talent sources and are they delivering the right people?
  • Define your shortlist - from how many prospective candidates to the desired work background, having a reduced shortlist makes a difference.
  • Employer branding - how will you market these roles and approach the candidate attraction journey?

The benefits of a thorough talent pipeline

Here are just a few of the benefits of creating your talent pipeline!

Giving you a competitive edge

Already having an understanding of the talent landscape will give you a head start over the competition. Furthermore, you will be establishing an employer brand that people will recognise as strong. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect is getting to know the people currently leading the teams of your competitors...that insider knowledge is second to none! 

Strong relationships will be formed

Not just with the best candidates, but with leading recruitment partners too. Having a great network and of course, an executive search partner puts you in a very strong position when it's time to attract the top eCommerce leaders.

Saving time when it matters

Putting in the work before the search is conducted really makes a difference. The time to hire is reduced because the relationship with the candidate has already been established. You can put all the time into analysing the skills, culture fit and ensuring the right decision is made.

Reduced costs, increased acceptance rates

The right decision means less costs in the long run. For example, the need for multiple job boards will keep recruitment budgets refined and targeted. It could even open you up to trying some paid advertising for your employer branding! Finally, the established relationships mean that acceptance rates will also benefit.

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