Ecommerce Expo 2015: What’s your next event?

Sep 24, 2015 3:41:44 PM

As ecommerce devotees, the pandas couldn’t resist signing up to attend Ecommerce Expo this year. Full to the brim with seminars, discussions and exhibitors, it’s sure to be a great event to learn some insider tips and network with ecommerce superstars. Find out more here.

We decided to focus on events like these as a whole, and why they’re beneficial to personal branding and career development.


As Ecommerce Expo demonstrates, events offer great seminars and guest speakers from the industry. Take notes, listen for pointers that you can take into your own career (or maybe a job search) and embrace the learning. It will give you great things to talk about with likeminded guests. This brings us to… 


The pandas love a bit of networking. Having the briefest of conversations with a fellow event attendee could lead to some exciting opportunities. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to join your business, or you are the one looking for the new opportunity.  It also opens doors to great future collaborations, which is a great way to get exposure for your own brand. Speak to the right people, and keep in touch.


Big events have a wide scope of attendees and exhibitors, from start-ups to company directors. Whatever the level of your career, you can always find inspiration from new and innovative brands or successful long term businesses.

It’s a day out of the office…

The pandas do NOT encourage slacking off, but shaking up your routine keeps you motivated. Why not do this by attending events that are beneficial? You’ll go back to the office with lots of new ideas, or you’ll leave for that job interview with lots to talk about. Maintaining a fresh grasp of your industry is great, and finding events that offer this is even greater! 

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