eCommerce growth predictions for A/W 2023

Oct 25, 2023 9:11:51 AM

The ever-changing eCommerce landscape begs the question: How can both employees and companies contribute to its ongoing expansion? Moreover, what should they prioritise in the coming months?

In our 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey, we delved into the skills in high demand and the top areas of focus for industry professionals.

Here's what emerged...

eCommerce skills in short supply

When we asked our eCom experts to pick their preferred skills, we noticed that some abilities are in short supply among their teams. Here’s what they leaned towards:

  • 45% Web & Data Analytics
  • 29% Leadership / C-Suite
  • 25% eCommerce Management

In summary, it looks like the industry is lacking Web & Data Analytics skills, and perhaps professionals in the industry are having to pick up the slack as a result. Moreover, clients might be encountering difficulties in securing top Web & Data Analytics talent, contributing to this shortage.

Additionally, it appears that teams have a strong appetite for enhanced leadership skills and a greater C-Suite presence. This is essential not only for guiding projects and teams effectively but also for making critical business decisions that fortify overall business stability.

Tools / areas of priority

Regarding areas of hopeful improvement, we asked our respondents about which essential tools and priorities companies should emphasise in 2023. The top outcomes were:

  • Automation (70%)
  • Leadership (57%)
  • Marketing & Advertising (35%)

Without a doubt, automation took the lead as the top response. Employees are keen on their companies embracing more automation to simplify mundane tasks, freeing them up for what truly matters and saving precious time in the process.

It's interesting to highlight that leadership has surfaced as a primary focus for 2023, which aligns with the shortage of these skills.

What marketplaces/selling platforms are used?

We reached out to our respondents to gain insights into the marketplaces and selling platforms utilised by their businesses, receiving responses from both candidates and clients.

  • 51% Amazon
  • 46% Shopify
  • 43% Instagram Shopping

We weren’t surprised to see that Amazon is the number one selling platform due to the sheer convenience of the service. We will be interested to compare next year’s results!

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