eCommerce Hiring Strategy: Hybrid working and eCommerce

Apr 13, 2022 10:16:25 AM

When it comes to your eCommerce hiring strategy, are you offering hybrid working as a benefit? Our upcoming 2022 eCommerce salary survey & insights report shows that 42% of respondents are working a hybrid model. A further 51% remain fully remote.

When we say eCommerce recruitment strategy, it’s not just about attracting new talent. Staff retention is a huge talking point right now, with people more aware of the opportunities in the market.

This is why hybrid working is a hot topic right now. So, we wanted to discuss why this is something companies should be adding to their eCommerce recruitment strategies in 2022 and beyond.

Why is hybrid working so valued?

When you begin an eCommerce hiring process, you should be thinking beyond what you can offer in terms of responsibilities and day to day benefits. People are looking for roles that improve their quality of life. Remote or hybrid working undeniably helps with this.

When looking at job advertisements in any industry, there will always be a list of benefits. Team outings or free coffee are of course nice perks...but are they really enough? Having flexible or hybrid working on your job listing will allow candidates to see more than just this one benefit. They will see...

  • Better work-life balance
  • Opportunities to increase focus and productivity
  • More family time
  • Saving on commute costs
  • More motivation

How a hybrid working model benefits your company

Seeing the list above, it's easy to see why candidates are looking for hybrid opportunities. It is also a big boost for your company overall too. Having employees with a motivated approach will benefit the company strategy and goals. Furthermore, you will retain the talent and team that makes your business run like clockwork.

The wonders of hybrid working have really been revealed following the height of lockdown. What was once seen as a big challenge to adapt to can now be accepted as an opportunity. From conference calling tools to file sharing, there are new ways to streamline working processes. Teams have been able to collaborate remotely, updating assignments or projects in real time.

Finally, company wide upskilling can leave you with a more agile and successful team. In a hybrid working world, you will be able to identify what skills gaps there are in the team and put a plan in place to fill these gaps. Knowing these for your hiring strategy will be really important. This is not limited to eCommerce and digital skills either – you can work on improving communication, soft skills and so much more.

Supercharge your eCommerce recruitment strategy

With a great eCommerce hiring strategy in place, the candidates will surely follow. If they see a company that cares, you will be high on the list for companies they want to work for. We can help with all of your eCommerce recruitment needs – get in touch below to start your hiring journey.

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