eCommerce jobs in Germany: A land of opportunity?

Aug 2, 2022 11:57:16 AM

Are eCommerce jobs easy to find in Germany? When it comes to eCommerce recruitment in this market, Cranberry Panda recognise just how much opportunity there is.

Not just for rising eCommerce start-ups and big brands, but for eCommerce professionals too. If the digital, start-up and eCommerce scene is for you, then Germany is probably already on your radar. It's a place full of rich culture and many buzzing cities.

Global success stories from this rising start-up ecosystem include Zalando, Flixbus, and HelloFresh. This is only the beginning! As a result of this reputation, waves of eCommerce talent are looking to call Germany home. 

eCommerce Jobs in the German market - are they in demand?

Germany is certainly a leader in technology, digital and eCommerce spaces. The country was the fifth largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US $109.1 billion in 2021, placing it ahead of South Korea and behind the United Kingdom.

On top of this, the investment behind growing start-ups is huge. In particular, Berlin is the recipient of over 70% of Germany’s national start-up investment. Furthermore, more and more brick-and-mortar companies have gone online during the last few years. So, even established brands have put solid investments into their eCommerce channel.

Of course, this means that the demand for talent is high. So much so that many German-based companies are looking for talent beyond the country. It also helps that there are many 'digital hubs' in Germany and these kinds of opportunities are not exclusive to one city. Berlin and Munich are certainly the most well-known, but Hamburg and Stuttgart are also significant cities. it gives talent outside of Germany many more options should they be looking to relocate. 

The most popular eCommerce jobs in Germany

Demand for talented eCommerce professionals is high in many European markets. However, to succeed in a competitive field, there are certain specialisms and skills German brands and start-ups are looking for...

  • Performance Marketing: From paid social campaigns to standing out on Google's paid search, companies rely on this to get ahead of the competition. As a result, performance marketing professionals are well sought after. 
  • eCommerce Manager/Head of eCommerce: No eCommerce business could perform without someone who can manage the daily operations. In particular, senior eCommerce management is in high demand.
  • Digital Marketing: While performance marketing is popular, broader digital marketing roles also play a big part in the success of German start-ups. Having a well-known brand and tone of voice is important in the early stages.

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