eCommerce jobs: what goals should you think about in your next role?

Jun 16, 2021 10:27:09 AM

When it comes to eCommerce jobs, the cranberry panda team understands what each individual role entails. Not just the responsibilities, but what it can offer to the right candidate. This has helped us match superstar candidates with their perfect roles countless times.

However, as a candidate, are you putting your own goals in place? Are you looking for a new role because you want a change or are you considering how every vacancy you apply for can help you achieve long term success?

Using our upcoming eCommerce salary survey & insights report, we explore what goals our ecommerce respondents have in mind for 2021 and beyond. Do you have the same goals?

eCommerce jobs and career goals: matching your goals to the right job

It's important to have career goals in mind when applying for new eCommerce jobs. You don't want to accept a role and discover it won't quite fulfil your expectations like you had hoped. Here are some key talking points from our salary survey questionnaire...

eCommerce career progression

74% of respondents said a goal in their eCommerce career was progression. It might seem an obvious pick...everyone wants to grow and move up the career ladder. However, will every role really offer this? Is there a roadmap in place that the company is able to discuss in the interview stages. When you want to progress, it's important to know exactly what type of progression you want - and even more important to make this clear to employers.

Create a better work-life balance

It could be you have already perfected the balance between work and play. However, a new role could easily disrupt this. Furthermore, if a role can offer ways to improve your current work-life balance, determine what they are in the interview stages. Don't be afraid to ask about day to day workload, flexible working or potential to work at home. After 2020, it's not a request that is frowned upon!

Secure a pay rise

According to our salary survey report, eCommerce salaries are on the rise. This one is pretty straightforward...if you have a salary goal in mind, be clear on this with employers and recruiters. If you're not upfront, you might get job matches with salaries that don't fit the bill. Save your time, and the time of prospective employers, by being transparent from the offset. 

Improve work productivity

We have spoken to candidates in the past who moved on from roles because they weren't being challenged. As a result, they didn't feel they were being productive. It is so disheartening to feel you're not contributing to company goals. With this goal, find out day to day activities and how you can bring ideas to the table. Is it an open culture where ideas can be discussed? Will you be able to hear direct feedback on your work output? So, if productivity is a goal, find a company where creativity and ideas are for everyone to get involved in.  

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