eCommerce Management Employees - how do they feel about the industry?

Jun 29, 2023 9:44:34 AM

For a successful eCommerce recruitment approach, employers must know the current sentiments of their team. Not only does it help them attract talent, but it keeps the existing team engaged too. 

For our next employee focus, the specialism we are looking at is eCommerce Management. Using our 2023 eCommerce salary survey & insights report, we're here to give you exclusive insights into the working lives of those working within eCommerce management, online merchandising and online trading.

Are eCommerce Management professionals happy in their current roles?

How would you rank your current role happiness out of ten? We asked our respondents this very question! In 2022, the average score for our eCommerce respondents was 6.6/10. Unfortunately, this has decreased this year, with an average of 5.8/10. Are workloads too demanding, especially during peak eCommerce calendar events? Perhaps people are dissatisfied with their eCommerce salary. There are so many factors we could consider, so let's continue to explore!

Are eCommerce Management employees still working remotely?

As an industry, eCommerce has always offered the ability to work remotely due to its online nature. Of course, working from home became the new normal. However, are eCommerce professionals returning to the office? It seems a full-time return is not on the cards just yet, with 87% of eCommerce management employees working in a hybrid capacity between home and the office.

Money talks - but did people see a salary increase?

Looking at all of our respondents, 69% of people received a pay rise in the last 12 months. When taking the data from the eCommerce management respondents, 62% received a pay rise. A further 31% shared that their salary did not change, while 7% said their salary decreased. Looking deeper, only 50% told us they were comfortable asking for a pay rise. So, if these conversations were encouraged, perhaps the figure for salary increases would have been higher.

Diversity in eCommerce leadership teams

This year, we thought it was important to focus on diversity & inclusion. In particular, leadership teams form the foundation of D&I policies...but do eCommerce management professionals feel their leadership itself is representative of a diverse workforce? We asked respondents to rank the diversity of the leadership team - and the average score from this segment was 4.4/10. This clearly demonstrates that there is some work to be done to improve diversity within leadership.

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