Ecommerce Management, Online Trading & Merchandising: 2019 salary review

Jun 4, 2019 9:45:09 AM

It’s day 3 of our 2019 ecommerce salary reviews, and today we’re covering our ecommerce specialism. We work on a broad number of ecommerce jobs, including ecommerce management, online trading and online merchandising. That means we have lots to cover in our latest #PandaPounds exclusive!

Ecommerce salaries by job title

Have there been big changes in the salary brackets for specific ecommerce job titles? Our journey to discover the latest salary insights starts here…

Ecommerce Management

  • Ecommerce Assistant/Executive: £22,000 - £35,000 (2018: £20,000 - £35,000)
  • Ecommerce Manager: £45,000 - £70,000 (2018: £35,000 - £70,000)
  • Head of Ecommerce: £70,000 - £120,000 (2018: £70,000 - £120,000)
  • Ecommerce Director: £120,000 - £250,000 (2018: £120,000 - £250,000)

Online Merchandising

  • Online Merchandising Assistant/Executive: £22,000 - £35,000 (2018: £20,000 - £35,000)
  • Senior Online Merchandiser/Manager: £45,000 - £70,000 (2018: £45,000 - £65,000)
  • Head of Online Merchandising: £55,000 - £100,000 (2018: £60,000 - £90,000)

Online/Ecommerce Trading

  • Ecommerce Trading Assistant/Executive: £22,000 - £35,000 (2018: £23,000 - £35,000)
  • Ecommerce Trading Manager: £35,000 - £80,000 (2018: £38,000 - £80,000)
  • Head of/Director of Online Trading: £75,000 - £120,000 (2018: £70,000 - £120,000)

Ecommerce salaries – has there been an increase in 2019?

We asked our ecommerce respondents how their salary has changed in the last 12 months. Some have been lucky enough to receive a pay rise, while some are yet to see a change. Has anyone seen a decrease in their salary? Let’s find out…

2019 ecommerce salary survey changes

Why did some ecommerce salaries stay the same or decrease?

As we can see, some ecommerce salaries stayed the same while a small percentage of respondents saw a decrease. We asked them to tell us why…

“I maintained my service day rate.” Across the survey (not just within this specialism), this has been a more common reason due to an increase in ecommerce contractors taking part.

“I haven’t been with my current company long enough.” Again, this is quite a common reason across the whole report. While these respondents may not have seen a salary change, it’s exciting to see so many starting out in new opportunities!

“I will receive a pay rise at a later date.” 2019 isn’t over just yet, so there is plenty of time for ecommerce professionals to receive a pay rise later in the year.

“I took a career sidestep.” This was the sole reason for the respondents who saw a pay decrease. It’s good to see that in order to further their own careers, they are taking different routes to achieve their goals…even if it means getting less money to begin with.

What’s to come for ecommerce salaries in 2019?

To wrap up this salary review, let’s find out what our respondents expect for the rest of 2019 when it comes to salary. Are they hopeful for a pay rise or do they expect things to remain the same?

  • It will increase: 61%
  • I’m not sure: 20%
  • It will stay the same: 18%
  • Decrease: 1%

It’s good to see the majority are positive about the rest of the year! For those who said it will stay the same or expecting a decrease, here’s why…

  • Hoping to move to a new role
  • Lack of growth in the industry
  • Planning on moving to contracting
  • Budgets make it seem unlikely this year

Download the 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report

We hope this ecommerce salary review has given you greater insight into ecommerce management, online trading & online merchandising! For more insights across the industry covering salary, work-life balance and more, download a free copy of the full 2019 report!

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