Establishing an ecommerce recruitment agency partnership! Part 1

Jan 26, 2021 10:47:08 AM

When you're looking for an ecommerce recruitment agency, how do you approach the potential partnership? For hiring managers looking for ecommerce talent, it's all about asking the right questions. For candidates looking for an ecommerce job, standing out from the crowd is key!

We have worked in the ecommerce & digital recruitment space for over ten years, so we know exactly how to create long lasting relationships with both employers and candidates. We wanted to share some insight so you can find the right ecommerce recruitment partner for you!

In the first of our two-part blog, we will be giving some tips to ecommerce hiring managers!

Ecommerce recruitment for hiring managers

Not every ecommerce vacancy in your team will be easy to fill. Following the events of 2020, we will definitely see a change in the way candidates relate to a potential role. It will all be about employer branding in 2021.

Due to this changing behaviour, it's important you ask your potential ecommerce recruitment partner the right questions. Here are a few to consider...

  • How will you help our company stand out? As mentioned, employer branding is more important than ever. This question will help you determine which agency truly understands the importance of this. You do have to explain every detail of your company to the recruiter, so that they can better understand your needs. Allowing them to be completely transparent and listening to their feedback on your vacancy will help. They understand the industry and the candidate market, but make sure they understand your company too!
  • What is happening in the market right now? A recruitment agency that understands its areas of expertise is one that will find the right person for your team. Are they able to provide real insights about the job market? It's useful to research the recruitment website to see how up to date they are on trending topics. For example, an exclusive ecommerce salary survey & insights report would show a real knowledge of the industry. (Shameless plug, we know!) 
  • What success have you had with similar companies? This is so important to find out. Not only will it give you confidence that they understand your industry, it will open your eyes to what competitors are doing to secure top talent!
  • What success have you had placing this type of role? Again, very important! If you are working with a recruiter who has placed hundreds of people into a similar vacancy to yours, it should show that they know the right people and have good relationships established with them.
  • How does your recruitment process work? You should find out the process of the recruitment agency, so you can establish how you will work side by side. What updates will they provide? What would the timeframe look like for this specific role? Planning out the whole process will make for a dream recruitment partnership! Be completely open about your timelines to, so the recruitment agency can factor this in to their process.

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