Establishing an ecommerce recruitment agency partnership! Part 2

Jan 27, 2021 2:55:02 PM

As a candidate, how can you create a long-lasting relationship with an ecommerce & digital recruitment agency? More importantly, how can you stand out so that you are the first person they think of when a new ecommerce job arises?

There are a few points that come to mind when we think about this. They help both the candidate and the recruitment agency work harmoniously, allowing both parties to reap the rewards of a successful candidate-recruiter partnership!

Understanding the recruitment agency lets them understand you

In most ecommerce and digital recruitment agencies, you will find that the consultants often work on a particular area or specialism. Here at cranberry panda, we are no different. So, we would recommend candidates head over to LinkedIn to establish who their best point of contact will be. It will make that introduction much easier.

Furthermore, the consultant will know exactly what area you specialise in...because you contacted them! Doing your research allows you to spend more time explaining your needs and goals, something the recruiter will want to hear.

Be transparent with your recruiter

The recruitment agency, and the particular consultant you are working with, is essentially becoming your ambassador. They can introduce you to some of your dream companies...but they'll need to know every career detail!

  • Highlight experience, achievements and goals - it allows the recruiter to really promote your key selling points and know which roles are right for you.
  • Recruitment agencies need to know your expectations. From the commute to the desired salary, these details need to be given honestly. It will save everyone's time and match you to the ideal vacancies only.
  • Let the recruiter know about any other processes - it helps them establish where you are in your job search journey.

Ultimately, honesty is the best policy. If a role the recruitment agency is discussing doesn't sound right, let them know immediately. You can move on to more suitable roles and paints a better picture of what you're looking for.

Maintaining contact and respect

The recruitment agency is not a fast track to an interview - you need to impress them too! It works both ways and you also need to feel that you are understood. That's why maintaining contact, and letting them know when you're available, means the respect between you will grow. It's not just work, it's a partnership! Staying fresh in their mind means you'll be one of the first people they think of - this is definitely an advantage when it comes to exclusive roles only they are working on!

An ecommerce recruitment agency for you job search!

These are important points to keep in mind when approaching a recruitment agency. It's not very different from a job application and interview. If you're looking for a new ecommerce opportunity, let the pandas help! Submit your CV below and the right person will be in touch to begin the partnership!

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