eCommerce Recruitment: Are you keeping your candidates engaged?

Oct 19, 2022 2:14:39 PM

When it comes to your eCommerce recruitment process, are you keeping candidates engaged throughout the process?

Times have changed in the hiring landscape, with remote interviews helping speed the process along. However, are companies doing enough to manage candidate expectations? 

Why candidate engagement is so important today

Candidate engagement has always been important. That's a given. In a world where accessibility is more possible than ever, candidates do expect to be kept in the loop. So, being on the same page as your candidates is important from the word go.

A recent study by HR Drive showed that 40% of job seekers will immediately lose interest in a role if they have not heard feedback within a week. In the world of eCommerce, that's a much shorter window than you think. 

It doesn't stop at the feedback stages either. The very best candidate to whom you make an offer might not accept if they feel the process wasn't engaging or smooth. That's the last thing you will want!

How can you keep your candidates engaged?

In a digital world, everything is at our fingertips. From a cheat day takeaway to LinkedIn job adverts, people having what they need in the palm of their hands should not be ignored.

The expectation that comes from this 'here and now' technology has definitely had an impact on hiring processes. "Surely they can send me a quick message on their commute?" is what a candidate might be thinking when awaiting feedback. You can't always be on the other end of the phone, however. Here are some things to consider for your eCommerce recruitment process to better engage potential employees.

  • Make your reputation and achievements a central theme: This is the foundation your recruitment process should be built on. It's about turning candidates (customers) into someone interested in what you are selling. Making your brand come to life at the start of the process will resonate with people. So, if there is a delay in the process, you have invested time into enticing the candidates enough to give you a chance to see the process through.
  • Feature your biggest asset...the team: All hiring-related content should feature real people to show candidates the reality of working there. Be honest and transparent, giving candidates a vision of what could be so they are not swayed by another company that is offering more.
  • Talk, talk and more talk: Before we get to the point below, it's important not to always rely on emails. Candidates want real conversation, especially at the early stages of the recruitment process.
  • Use technology: Automation tools are everywhere. Are you using them in your hiring process? Outlining simple yet effective communications will allow you to give candidates the reassurance that they are acknowledged and that you really do appreciate their interest in the company. We can guarantee that the appreciation will be returned.
  • Use your content: A great tool for any company. You can also weave this into your automation. Sharing a piece of content or some interesting news is a great way to show candidates your company is the right one for them. 

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