eCommerce Recruitment in Germany: What jobs are in demand?

Dec 14, 2022 9:05:48 AM

eCommerce recruitment in Germany continues to flourish. With a desire for innovation and an exciting start-up scene, more people are looking to make the move here. We recently revealed the top locations within Germany for eCommerce professionals...but what are the most in-demand eCommerce jobs?

As always, Cranberry Panda's curiosity led us to do some research! Our recruitment services have now expanded to the German market, so we want to make sure we keep up to date with the latest trends.

What eCommerce jobs are most in-demand in Germany?

Within Europe, Germany has one of the largest eCommerce markets. While evolution was always steady, there has been exceptional growth in the last two years. So, which eCommerce roles have benefited most from this growth?

SEO Content Writer (Bilingual): With many German start-ups expanding into new markets, their content has to stand out. Furthermore, a writer who understands SEO principles to get this content in front of search engine users is the only way to beat the competition. There has been a demand for writers with both fluent German and English, though other languages may be desired depending on the company.

Marketing Specialist: The importance of a broad digital marketer with an understanding of all key channels is important. However, there is a demand for talent within specific marketing specialisms. Performance marketers, with expertise in paid social and paid search, are helping companies bridge gaps and get an early boost with their desired audience.

eCommerce Business Analyst: Without someone to study customer behaviour, a business will not be able to grow without solid insights. In the past, these hires were made later down the line once the company starts growing. Now, start-ups in Germany are seeing the value in establishing this department early on. 

UX Designer: If customers are not responding well to a website or app, how can companies grow from this? There has been increased demand for UX-led designers who can focus on design, function, branding, and usability.

Social Media Specialist: This will come as no surprise, however, the channel has evolved so much in the last five years alone. The rise of TikTok alone is enough to demonstrate how social media audiences shift so quickly. Companies in Germany are looking for driven social media specialists, who can create a great social presence and network with the top influencers in their industry.

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