eCommerce Recruitment: Nurturing junior eCommerce talent

Jul 15, 2021 9:33:42 AM

Within eCommerce recruitment, it is often junior professionals who struggle to find guidance at the early stages of their careers. Right now, with remote working and even remote digital recruitment, this is even harder to keep an eye on. How can you nurture and attract junior talent, who really can become integral parts of the team?

It hasn't been an easy time for university students and fresh graduates. Between cancelled exams and hiring dilemmas throughout a pandemic, this group probably feel they are a bit behind on where they thought they would be. Many students chose not to attend university altogether. This means, future talent might not have the skills or degrees you would normally look for. Does this mean they are not the right fit?

Definitely not! In fact, the digital savvy generation likely have the drive and passion you need. All employers need to do is nurture this's how!

What is important to junior eCommerce talent? 

As an eCommerce recruitment agency, our annual ecommerce salary survey & insights report is a key tool in how we operate. From salary benchmarking to understanding what's important to candidates, we love to share these insights.

Our respondents range from juniors entering the industry to director level employees. For this blog, all of the statistics will of course be from our junior respondents only. 

Opportunity for progression

Career progression in eCommerce is important to everyone, but of course junior professionals want to know there is a plan in place for them. When asked to score the importance of this out of 10, it gained an average of 8.2 - the most popular choice for our junior respondents.

Working from home/flexibility

The changing approach to working, or hybrid working, means even junior candidates are expecting flexibility in their jobs. Once upon a time, this was given to employees who had been in the company longer. Now, it's pretty much expected across the board.

Company benefits

78% of junior respondents said company benefits do play a part in the roles they approach. Surprisingly, salary was not a big essential for these respondents. Instead, benefits such as training, learning and development are a high priority. Are you asking junior staff what they have learnt and what they would like to develop further? 

Help junior staff control their workload

39% of our junior respondents said they do not mind working overtime, while 33% were unhappy with additional hours. Junior talent want to learn, but it doesn't mean throwing extra hours at them to aide this development. Instead, help them manage workloads and learn to prioritise.

How can we help you eCommerce recruitment process?

With more eCommerce jobs added weekly, we are speaking to great candidates every day. We know they can make a huge difference to your eCommerce team, particularly the many junior candidates who are ready to make an impact. Click below to get in touch with the team.

Working on roles across all seniority levels, we can help you discover great talent!

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