Ecommerce Recruitment Specialisms - Part 1

May 21, 2021 11:28:49 AM

As an ecommerce recruitment agency, we’re often asked if we only recruit for ecommerce roles. From e-commerce managers to e-commerce directors, it is true that these are roles we are pretty experienced in placing. 


However, we are an ecommerce recruitment agency because we help online retailers, big and small, find superstars in the digital recruitment space. 


As such, we work on a number of job roles for ecommerce businesses. To refresh your memory, here’s a breakdown of everything cranberry panda can help you with. 


Digital Marketing Recruitment

Our digital marketing recruitment specialism is a key part of our business. Here's how we can help...

  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Head of Digital
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Chief Marketing Office/Chief Digital Officer

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Performance Marketing Recruitment 

This specialism grew within our team and it continues to do so! The roles we recruit are...

  • Paid Social/PPC Executive
  • PPC Manager
  • Paid Social Manager
  • Performance Marketing Manager
  • Head of Performance Marketing
  • Performance Marketing Director

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Email Marketing & CRM

Our database is full of talented CRM & Email professionals who have really proven their worth in the ecommerce industry.

  • CRM/Email Marketing Executive
  • CRM/Email Marketing Manager
  • Head of CRM

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Ecommerce Management

Broader ecommerce roles, like the ones listed below, encompass many areas of day to day ecommerce management.

  • Ecommerce Assistant
  • Ecommerce Executive
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Senior Ecommerce Manager
  • Head of Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce Director
  • Ecommerce CEO

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Ecommerce Merchandising & Online Trading 

Within our ecommerce recruitment specialism, online trading and merchandising plays a huge part in the many ways we help companies hire.

  • Ecommerce/Online Merchandising Assistant
  • Ecommerce/Online Merchandising Executive
  • Online Merchandising Manager
  • Head of Online Merchandising
  • Ecommerce Trading Assistant
  • Ecommerce Trading Executive
  • Online Trading Manager
  • Head of Online Trading 

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