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What is the average ecommerce salary for junior professionals in the industry? Following on from our look at senior ecommerce professionals, we thought we’d use our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report to look at those starting their careers.

As we already know, ecommerce salaries are on the rise – 68% saw their salary increase in the last 12 months. However, are junior employees getting what they deserve? Is training and development part of the overall package?

Average ecommerce salaries for junior employees

The average ecommerce salary for professionals aged 25 and under in 2018 is £30,089! This is a 3.7% increase from 2017, where the average was £28,980. It’s great to see a nice little jump in salary for junior professionals – if they are proving themselves, why shouldn’t they see a boost in their pay packet, regardless of job title?

As we did before, we will now look at the averages salaries across the ecommerce specialisms we work on. For this #PandaPounds post, we will be looking at assistant to executive level only.

Ecommerce (Ecommerce Management, Online Trading & Online Merchandising)

The average salary for junior professionals working within ecommerce management, online trading & online merchandising is £27,700.

Digital Marketing

For junior digital marketing professionals working in ecommerce, the average salary in 2018 is £28,000.

Web & Data Analytics, CRO & Data Science

Junior professionals in web & data analytics, CRO and data science can expect an average salary of £37,571.

Digital Design, UX & UI Design

The average salary for digital design, UX & UI design junior employees is £34,531.

Ecommerce Content & Social Media

For junior content and social media professionals working in ecommerce, the average salary in 2018 is £31,222.

(Please note, for our performance marketing and product management specialisms, the sample size of junior professionals was too small to present insights for this blog topic.)

Do these averages match up to your ecommerce salary?

Do you feel you are being paid fairly or are you not earning as much as your peers? Web & Data Analytics, like with senior professionals, is way out in front when it comes to the average salary. For full insights, download a free copy of the 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report!


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