Ecommerce Salary Review 2016: Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation Salaries

Aug 17, 2016 4:22:37 PM

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been focussing on salary changes within different Ecommerce specialisms. Today, we look at Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation salaries, focusing on all of the superstars who work their analytical magic within an ecommerce brand.

Telling a perfect customer story is no easy feat…so are our Analytics & Optimisation respondents reaping the rewards from their hard work?

Web Analytics & Convesion Optimisation salaries in 2016

Here are some of the various job titles from our respondents, including average starting salary and changes from 2015…

  • Web Analytics Assistant/Executive – from £28,000 (down from £30,000 in 2015)
  • Web Analytics Manager – from £37,500 (Quite a change from 2015, where the average starting salary was £42,000)
  • Lead/Head of Web Analytics – from £90,000 (A nice increase from £80,000 in 2015)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation Executive – from £25,000 (New to our 2016 Salary Survey)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist – from £40,000 (New to our 2016 Salary Survey)
  • Lead Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist – from £55,000 (New to our 2016 Salary Survey)
  • Data Scientist – from £36,000 (A final new addition to our 2016 survey)

5 insights into Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation professionals in Ecommerce

For those who specialise in Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation within Ecommerce, it’s safe to say there have been significant changes in salaries. What other highlights can we pull from our analytical respondents? 

1) 68% are male

That’s right; 68% of our respondents who work in Web Analytics & CRO are male. A big contrast to our Digital Design & Content insights where the majority of the respondents were female, though similar to our Ecommerce respondents. 

2) 46% hold an undergraduate degree

Education & careers in Ecommerce is an interesting subject and it’s no different when we break down our Ecommerce specialisms. As you can see, a good number of our Analytics & CRO respondents have an Undergraduate Degree. In second place, 32% hold a Master’s degree which is the highest percentage for a Master’s degree across our Ecommerce specialisms. After this, 11% studied a Post Graduate degree while 5% completed their studies at college level. The remaining 6% (3% for each education level) finished their education at Secondary School or studied a Doctorate!

3) 54% have been in their current role for less than a year

What is also surprising in this area is that none of our Analytics & CRO respondents have been in their role for more than 5 years. 24% have been in their role for one year, while the remaining 22% are not far behind having been in their roles for 2-5 years. 

4) 67% saw a salary increase in the last year

Great news! Even better news is that none of our Analytics & CRO superstars saw a decrease in their salary. That leaves the remaining 23% who have seen their salary remain the same for the time being. Is this something they see changing in the months to follow?

5) Future expectations for salary are positive

Very positive in fact…73% of our respondents believe they will see an increase in their salary in the next year. However, 24% are not quite sure which way it will go while 2% expect their salary will remain the same. That leaves a small 1% who believes there will be a decrease in their salary. 

So that wraps up some wonderful salary information on Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation professionals working within ecommerce.  Catch all of our Ecommerce career insights on our #PandaPounds blog page

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