Ecommerce team goals: what is your team striving for?

Jul 24, 2019 1:17:51 PM

What are the big goals for ecommerce teams in 2019? In our newest #PandaPounds exclusive, we look at what our ecommerce salary survey & insights report respondents shared when it came to their team goals.

Has much changed from last year? How can teams come together and ensure that these goals are met? How can management make them happen too? We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Ecommerce team goals in 2019

Ecommerce team goals in 2019

Unlike our focus on ecommerce team challenges, it seems there haven’t been many drastic changes when it comes to ecommerce team goals. (Note: respondents were invited to select all that apply to them, so the total will not equal to 100%.)

  • Increasing online revenue remains the top ecommerce team goal for 2019. Is this really a big surprise for ecommerce professionals?
  • New technologies/improving on existing technology has seen the biggest changes, jumping from 4th place to 2nd There’s no doubt that investing in newer tools or getting more out of the ones the team has will help with the other goals listed above.
  • Improving customer experience is a reason given in the ‘other’ answers. Once again, this will allow improvements on customer acquisition/retention, while ultimately increasing online revenue. Ultimately, these goals all work hand in hand so that the team can achieve one thing…success!

How can you achieve your ecommerce team goals?

It’s great to know what the ecommerce team goals should be, but how will the team come together to make them a reality? We thought we would share a few tips, that are not necessarily just for management. Is it’s a team goal, then it’s something the whole team can help with together.

More team training opportunities

We think investing in the people you already have is imperative to success, so it is surprising to see this as a less popular team goal. We would encourage more one to one time with the team, to find out what it is they want to learn and achieve this year. If you’re reading this and feel you’re not getting asked about progression or training, the answer is simple…raise the subject yourself. Even company-wide training or team building days should be high on the agenda to encourage everyone to work together.

Recruitment – growing the ecommerce team

It’s great that growing the team is part of the team goals. It’s everyone’s job to live by the company culture, which ultimately attracts new talent to join them. More and more companies are getting more of the team involved in the ecommerce hiring process. Towards the latter stages of the interview process, meeting the wider team and a walk around the office is a great way to give potential employees a taster of life at the company. Furthermore, it gives the team visibility on what’s happening and allows them to have some input in the growth of the team.

New technologies/improving on the tech we have

We think that when it comes to new technology, or getting more out of the technology you’re using, it ties back into team training opportunities. Are there regular refreshes on your current tech or are new features discovered long after they are released? Now, we understand that new tech isn’t always cheap. However, demonstrating how it can help the team deliver on their targets and beyond is key when creating a business case for something.

Growing ecommerce team functions

When it comes to ecommerce teams, the pandas truly believe in a harmonious culture between the many people who sit within it. If the ecommerce web analytics team, for example, have suggestions on customer behaviour and improving the site experience, other teams should take these into account. Everyone must be on the same page for goals to be achievable. Regular management meetings between ecommerce functions and team brainstorms are a great way to bring everyone together, and see what functions need the support for growth.

Will you achieve your ecommerce team goals?

The pandas are sure you will! However, if you ever need any advice on ecommerce teams or how to build your team, get in touch via our employer hub below!

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