eCommerce & Valentine's Day: Our top 3 campaigns of all time!

Feb 11, 2022 11:21:05 AM

Valentine's Day campaigns in eCommerce are usually full of love hearts, romantic messages and cute imagery. It doesn't mean some campaigns have not stood out!

Sometimes, it's good to inject some humour into a big calendar event - after all, not everyone are big on the whole Valentine's love-in! Here are a few of our favourites...

Who said romance was dead(pool)?

In 2016, the movie ‘Deadpool’ hit the cinema in time for Valentine’s Day. For anyone who has seen the movie, you're probably in agreement that it's not massively romantic. The titular character is a crude, sword wielding anti-hero with a twisted sense of humour. However, 20th Century Fox lent a helping hand to all the men hoping to catch it in the cinema.

They made a VERY misleading poster which sells the film as soppy Valentine’s Day cash in. Men were quick to send the poster to their excited other halves, saying it's perfect for their Valentine's date. Mean or pure genius? We'll let you decide!

If 'Deadpool' is a Valentine's Day movie, so are these - CNET

Ford goes speed dating

Another mischievous campaign here! The men featured thought they were going for a blind speed date...however, they were unaware it was with a professional stunt racer. View the video here to watch hilarity ensue. 

What’s in your basket?

Tesco got a bit carried away with playing cupid in its 2015 campaign, but who cares when the end result was so great to watch? Tesco sent in a group of singletons (no actors in sight) who were given £20 to spend in store, choosing what they would buy for a Friday night in…alone. A psychotherapist then attempted to match couples based on the contents of their baskets. It proved a hit on social, with over 10 million views on Facebook alone! 

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