End of the year hires! Could contract be your answer?

Nov 19, 2018 2:54:31 PM

As the end of the year dawns, for a lot of brands and companies this is breaking point. Do you hire somebody new now before the Christmas break or, do you wait until January, or even later into the year? In an ideal world waiting for 2019 would be perfect – but what about all the extra work? Your employees are drowning in work and the environment in the office is starting to show this. An unhappy work force is a problem no manager wants just before the Christmas break.

It may be that someone has handed in their notice unexpectedly, black Friday and the Christmas period is proving to be a lot more work than you anticipated, or you have had to let someone go and it seems their work is very much behind.

There is a lot of misconception around contract hiring, especially that it is a lot of hard work and more money. But how much money will you save in hiring someone temporarily for when you need them, rather than a full-time permanent hire and they get bored when the work quietens down?

With the pressures of black Friday and Christmas sales, brands need all the help they can get. This is the time of year that can turn around for the best in a not-so profitable year.

Why contract? Why now?

Contract offers flexibility and instant hires. Unlike permanent positions, contracts can start within as much time as a few days depending on the role. (The more senior the role will require slightly more time to qualify). For this time of year, contract hires saves you the hassle of bringing on somebody in a permanent position when, lets be honest, after the Christmas and new year period you may not need them anymore. They are contractors that have a wealth of experience under the belt and are raring to go!

Are they any good?

Contractors are experienced in the sole purpose of joining a company with their feet running. Unlike a permanent position where they need further introductions and have the time to get used to everything, contractors are there for one purpose only. To make the most of their time in that position, to make the biggest impact. Between me and you, contractors thrive of the knowledge they can be a part of a company at such important times in its growth or year. You get the best out of the professional before they leave! (Just a hint: if you hire an amazing contractor and find you want to extend or keep them on – that is an option.)

The possibilities are endless

Whether it be a requirement for a few days a week or five days a week from home, even weekend availability – contract offers possibility. Especially during this busy period, the more help the better right? Do not right off contract hires just yet and it is not too late to add an addition to your team for this time of year. I am sure they will appreciate the extra support and just think of the benefits it could bring to your company. We have an exceptionally talented contracts team here at cranberry panda mirroring everything our permanent team does in Ecommerce. Below are the different specialisms our consultants cover, for more information contact Sheena our Contracts Division Manager.

Sheena Popat - Ecommerce Contract Manager

Sheena joined cranberry panda to officially launch the ecommerce contracts division. She brings with her a wealth of recruitment experience and knows the contract market inside out. Sheena manages contract roles across the following specialisms: Digital Design Content Marketing Junior Ecommerce Senior Ecommerce Online Trading & Merchandising.

Laura McManus - Ecommerce Contract Recruitment Consultant

Say hello to Laura, who has joined Sheena to help you find the perfect ecommerce contract role! With plenty of recruitment experience behind her, Laura works on the following specialisms: Junior Digital Marketing Senior Digital Marketing Search/Performance Marketing Email Marketing & eCRM

Don't paws - get in touch with Sheena and Laura today!

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