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Posted: 22nd of February 2018 by Chris Cox

Exclusive facts from our 2018 Ecommerce Salary Survey


Our 2018 Ecommerce salary survey questionnaire is now closed to responses – a huge thank you to all the ecommerce superstars who took part!

The pandas are now hard at work producing the 2018 report, which will be available in April. Feeling a little impatient and want new ecommerce industry insights right now? Fear not – we’re going to share some facts from the questionnaire, provided by 640 ecommerce professionals who had their say on the ecommerce industry.

30% of ecommerce professionals saw their salaries remain the same over the past 12 months

Compared to last year, more ecommerce professionals have seen no change to their salaries in the past 12 months. Why is this? Our respondents shared their reasons as to why their salaries didn’t change…all of which will be revealed in the finished report!

14% of ecommerce professional do not do any overtime

This is a slight increase from 2017, where 11% of our respondents said they do not do any overtime at all. Work-life balance in ecommerce was a hot topic last year, so it looks like more ecommerce professionals are embracing their free time. In fact, in 2016, only 4% of our respondents completed overtime.

Are management teams seeing the importance of wellbeing and incorporating it into the company culture? More will be revealed…

Growing the ecommerce team is a main goal in 2018 for 31% of our respondents

A new question for this year, we asked our respondents what the big challenges and goals are for their ecommerce team in 2018. While there are plenty of responses for many different team goals, it’s clear that ecommerce teams are growing slowly but surely, with 31% aiming to put recruitment at the forefront of their goals!

Salary is climbing the ranks of what is essential when accepting a new role

Every year, we ask our respondents what is essential to them when accepting a new ecommerce job. While salary has appeared in the top 5 previously, it has overtaken another essential compared to the 2017 top 5. But is it now the number 1 essential? Sorry to tease but you’ll have to wait and see!

Want more ecommerce industry insights?

We’re going to have to call time on our exclusive sneak peek, but do not fear! Our report will be with you very soon. Keep up to date with all things #PandaPounds on our Twitter page or follow us on LinkedIn!


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