Exposed Part 2: Social Media Job Myths

Dec 7, 2015 3:46:56 PM

Hello there! Glad to see that you’re back for part 2 of our social media mini-series!

It's time to debunk a few more myths, so I‘ll skip the small talk and move straight on to number 6 …

Myth 6: If you’re not writing content, you don’t need to be a literary champion

Sure, loads of brands employ social media managers who don't write blog posts or e-books ... but that's 'loads' - not all. Here at cranberry towers, we've noticed that a growing number of brands are after someone who can do it all. Why? Well, social media and content belong together. It would impossible to have amazing social pages without relevant content, and a brand's audience might miss important blogs and communications if they're not pushed out on the right social networks. 

What's more, even if content creation isn't part of a social media manager's job description, they'll still have a lot of writing to do. Responding to fan or followers posts, engaging in outreach activities, posting updates - social media is all about writing. The key takeaway here? If you're not a strong writer, don't apply! 

Myth 7: Social media superstars don't need to care about html & techy things

No. Way.

When it comes to social, the more you know, the better ... especially if you want to work for a startup. 

I mean, think about it - you're a step ahead of the rest if: you 'get' og data, you know how Twitter Cards work, you appreciate a good API, you understand how the whole Google & Twitter relationship affects your strategy, and more. 

You can't do amazing things in this field if you don't understand all of the opportunities that are out there ... 

Myth 8: Everyone is getting PPC champions to do their paid social stuff now

Sure, this is a trend we're seeing. That said, it's always good to understand how this side of things works. Social media managers who know all about paid targeting options will be able to use them to supercharge their social performance. And what's more, they'll also be ready to roll out the right on-page tactics to support - and enhance - paid efforts. Win. 

Myth 9: Performance review = how many new followers / fans do we have?

Yeah, it's nice to have loads of fans and followers ... but only if they're relevant and engaged. Social analytics give you the power to understand who's on your page, how well your content is being received, what's failing, what's generating conversions, and more. 

At the end of the day, a social media hero is someone who uses performance analysis to understand a brand's fans and followers and ensure that the strategy is delivering against targets ... the social media manager who isn't, could well be shouting about nothing to any random who will listen. *Cringe*

Myth 10: Social media is dead

Ugh no. Whoever came up with this needs a stern talking to. Social media as a standalone thing is dead (as it should always have been!); when used as part of an integrated marketing strategy - with realistic goals - social can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

Phew! So there you go: 10 social media job myths debunked (check out part 1 if you missed the first five). 

A spot of advice ...

As you can see, it takes a whole lot of skill to be a social media hero.

If you’re a junior looking to get into social, it’s a great idea to get some digital marketing or general marketing studies under your belt. If you can add some volunteering or internship experience to your CV, that will definitely put you a step ahead of the rest! For marketers looking to move into social media marketing, hands-on experience in both social media and content creation is key. The more great results you have to showcase in your portfolio, the better! Good luck, and enjoy! 

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