Five panda pointers: 2016 events to bring the team together

Jan 19, 2016 4:44:08 PM

Each year brings a blank calendar, full of many events to appeal to everyone in different ways. The pandas think that no matter how many different interests exist within a team, there are ways to bring everyone together to enjoy the events and create a buzz around the office. Here are our top 5 picks for 2016!

1) Urban Food Fest

February onwards

This pop up changes each week, which means every visit will bring a new wave of food trucks. Occurring in London and Manchester, the Urban Food Fest would let you and your team enjoy a great variety of food. Be adventurous, challenge your colleagues to eating competitions and enjoy good food.

Some of the events are themed and there are a few extras like live musicians, face paints and markets. It’s a different kind of day out, offering a great variety of things to do. Seeing as the London Urban Food Fest takes place on Shoreditch High Street, the pandas are only a stone throw away. YUM!

2) UEFA European Championship 2016

June - July 

Ah, football…a divisive sport. Some people relish their teams and victories, while others just don’t get it. For this year’s tournament, get everyone involved as the qualified European countries battle it out for the title. (It’s every four years, so make the most of it while you can!)

Have a fun sweepstake, where the colleague with the winning team gets a prize of their own. It’s purely chance; take all the names of the teams and put them in a hat, letting everyone choose one. If you have a smaller team, maybe let everyone pick two. That’s all there is to it! Watch as even the most disinterested of football spectators become hardened football fans as their selected team plays. Why should the footballers get all the glory? 

3) Wimbledon 2016

June - July 

As the EURO Championship is every four years, chances are it might overshadow the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Why not enjoy both? How can you not bond with colleagues over strawberries & cream accompanied by a jug of Pimm’s?

If it’s a nice day (you’re guaranteed at least one glorious day of sun) you can enjoy a match at many outdoor venues, like ‘The Hill’ or Granary Square, showing the games for free. Find an ideal venue for the team and schedule a fun afternoon, or evening, for a tennis themed extravaganza. Once again, even if Tennis isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy nice weather and good company.

4) Summer Olympics 2016


Bring the spirit of Brazil to the office, and turn August into an Olympics themed month.  There are literally hundreds of ideas for colleagues to integrate the Olympics into the office. Why not have an Olympic fancy dress day? Pick any sport and dress accordingly…best dressed wins a trophy (or a medal might be more relevant here!)

Have office Olympics across the month. Once again, the best player wins a medal. Turn the javelin into a paper aeroplane to determine who can throw the farthest. Who needs rowing when you can have a wheelie chair race across the office? One event a day will keep morale high without distracting from your duties. Just don’t poke anybody’s eye out with your paper javelin…

If you have a large team, you can incorporate a sweepstake here too. Whoever picks the country with the highest medal tally, wins a prize.

5) Totally Thames


If you took your holiday in the summer months, chances are you’re feeling the holiday blues about this time. We urge you to laugh in the face of the holiday blues, and throw yourself back into the swing of things. What better way for a team to prepare for the final push of the year than a cultural celebration in London.

Packed with music, food, exhibitions and intense rowing races, this event provides a fun day out for any group of people. It runs through the whole of September which gives you some leverage on when to attend. Tackle the final months of the year as a team by getting together for river related antics. Just don’t go for a swim…

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