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‘A first impression is made in less than 30 seconds.’

Let’s face it; starting a new job is nerve wracking, especially if this research stat is anything to go by! So 30 seconds might be pushing it, but some say it takes mere seconds…not to intimidate you or anything!

Are you starting a new job? Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time for a change very soon, but there are some nerves holding you back. Why not throw those nerves away with our five panda pointers on how to ace your first day!

1) Relaxed preparation

Time is a wonderful thing so use it wisely. Have everything sorted the evening before your first day, from what you’ll be wearing to what your breakfast will be. Clearing these small, but important, tasks allows you to get through the morning without panic. No broken ironing boards, no spilled coffee and definitely less nerves.

You will probably have your commute mapped out, but why not leave ahead of schedule so it’s more relaxed and pain free. Always make sure you check for potential delays too…you don’t want to be late on your first day! 

2) Positivity rules

Surround yourself with sunshine, unicorns, rainbows and…wait, what was I saying?

Without walking around like a permanently grinning Joker, it’s important to smile, listen, learn and generally be happy about your first day. Not that you wouldn’t be happy, but nerves can infiltrate quicker than you think and overshadow the first day at your new job. You wouldn’t want such an exciting and amazing change to be overshadowed by something so trivial, would you?

3) Expect questions/Ask questions 

Everyone will be curious about the new starter. In fact you might have to answer the same questions a few times, so have an idea in your head what you want your colleagues to know about your career history and what you’ll be bringing to the table. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in return…the more you learn, the quicker you’ll feel at ease.

You MIGHT be introduced to the whole team in an introductory stand up meeting. Of course this depends on the culture, but don't rule out the possibility. This is nothing to be nervous about, just say exactly what you’d say to individuals. Hey, at least this way you get the general intro out of the way in one go.

4) Lunch time 

You might be asked along to lunch by your new colleagues. Don’t be shy and go with them! Alternatively, why not ask where a good place to grab some food is and someone might volunteer to show you around the area. It’s your chance to socialise a bit more and recharge, so don’t scuttle off on your own when lunch time arrives.

5) Be natural

Remembering names, where’s where and what’s what is all part of a new role… don’t overload yourself on the first day. You are not expected to remember everything on the first day, so try not to stress. You’ll be more relaxed with your new colleagues and probably more likely to remember their names after relaxed conversations than mental/post it note taking. Trying too hard might come off unnatural, so use the days that follow to ease yourself into the office…Rome wasn’t built in a day!

There you have it! The first day seems like a piece of cake after that right? Well what are you waiting for? Go forth and ace the first exciting day in your new role.

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