Five panda pointers: How to find the right recruiter for your job search

May 16, 2017 3:55:13 PM

When you are finding a new job, using a recruiter is a great way to get a broader scope of the opportunities available for you. Perhaps you believe your chances are better represented by responding to job adverts directly, or you’re not quite sure which recruitment agency is the one for you.

We have five panda pointers to help you consider what is important when finding the right recruiter for your job search. Think of this process as an extension of the job search; you want to find the perfect new job so you need to find the right recruiter to help you on the job search journey.

1) A recruitment specialist in your space

A specialist recruitment agency that understands the space you work in is the first thing you will want to find. There are countless job boards out there, that offer a very general and broad number of jobs. While a recruitment agency might offer what you are looking for, be it Digital Marketing or Ecommerce jobs, you want to be sure they are dedicated to your space.

Think about how many CV,s a generalist recruitment agency will receive if they work across multiple specialisms and skills. That’s quite a few people to remember and you definitely want to be remembered and understood. If a recruitment agency specialises in your career path, they will understand you and what you are looking for. The pandas understand the importance of a specialised recruitment service…just take a look at the cranberry panda ecommerce specialisms.

TIP: Dedicate some time to researching the above as part of your job search. Search online, find groups on LinkedIn and explore different recruitment companies who excel in your space. Don’t settle on just one agency to begin with…pick your top 3 or 5 and proceed to panda pointer number 2.

2) What opportunities would the ‘perfect’ recruiter have for you?

Once you have discovered a few recruitment agencies that appeal to you and your job search, check out their opportunities. Don’t limit this to the vacancies they have on the website; check out LinkedIn for both the company profile and individual recruiters within the business.

You will quickly get an idea of how active they are when it comes to promoting opportunities and finding the right candidates. Are there live jobs that immediately catch your eye? If so, make some notes on them and find out the best point of contact. Just look how useful it is to have all the information you need...

3) Find an environment of complete transparency

You will probably want to reach out to a recruitment agency before applying for a role, be it an online enquiry or a phone call. It is important to find out how they work before you are comfortable with sending a CV or having them represent you in front of brands you really like the sound of working for. An important aspect of the recruiter-candidate relationship is complete transparency. If you are happy with how a recruiter works, how they represent you and how proactive they are with feedback then you are more likely to be completely open about your expectations and goals.

It’s also important to gather information on how they work with their clients and what this relationship is like. What have they achieved together in the past year? How many candidates have they placed within the business? If it is a newer client, what are their plans when working with them to find top talent? Once this environment of transparency is developed, the mutual understanding allows the recruiter to represent you for the right roles in the best way they can.

4) Does the recruiter offer a service that goes above and beyond?

From meeting you face to face to offering constructive feedback of your CV, the little things make a big difference when finding the right recruitment agency. A relationship that goes beyond emails and phone calls is one that will offer both parties to get the most from the process. If a recruiter wants to know about your career goals beyond your current job search, then you know they are interested in being a support to your career path even once you find a new job. Now that’s dedication!

5) A recruitment agency engaged with its community

This is a great sign of a trusted and respected recruiter. What better way to discuss industry trends and developments that apply to your job search than with a recruiter who is going out and experiencing it too. Not only can they invite you along to networking events, but they will know relevant people in your industry which can give you invaluable insights for a job search.

We hope these five panda pointers have helped you on your journey to finding the right recruiter for your job search. If digital jobs within ecommerce is what you're looking for, the pandas are here to help!

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