Five panda pointers: How to maintain productivity when working from home

Mar 11, 2016 10:42:43 AM

When you’re so used to your office environment, working from home might throw you a bit. Perhaps adverse weather means you have to stay put or you have to stay at home to let the plumber in. Whatever the reason it’s easy to get lost in your home comforts when there’s work to be done.

Avoid Phillip & Holly, the loose women and Jezza Kyle. Get your head down and treat it like any other day with our five panda pointers.

1) Designated work space

You’re in your own bubble; there’s the comfortable bed, the sofa you could sink into and the kitchen filled with edible distractions. It’s easy to get trapped by any one of these. Find a place you can really focus and stick to that area when it’s work time! If it’s a nice day, there’s the added bonus of being able to sit outdoors and let nature guide you to a successful day of work.

2) Eat some frogs

Ever heard of frogs? Of course you have but maybe not in the way we were thinking. Frogs are code for those tasks that you know you have to do, but something always gets in the way. Eating the frogs means tackling these tasks head on and devouring them! You’re not in the office and there are no colleagues to speak to so it’s the perfect time to start the day with a hearty breakfast of frogs.

3) No duvet / onesie / PJ day

Step away from the onesie! As we explained in pointer number one, the bed is a tempting alternative to your desk. No, no and NO! Being anywhere near your duvet or staying in your lounge clothes invites feelings of lazy days, snack food and Netflix. We’re not saying to dress up in a suit; you can be casual but not so casual that you end up napping for an hour. Follow your same morning routine so you’re in the working mind set from the get go.

4) Lunch time…get out of there!

You’re right by your own kitchen, so you think it’s a good idea to make your lunch at home. Don’t do it! Take yourself outside of the work/home mashup and enjoy your break getting some fresh air. It’s also your chance to break the mould of your usual lunch time routine and try something new!

5) An after work reward

There’s no commute to contend with once you’ve wrapped up which means you can use that time to do something else. Go for dinner, catch a movie or meet with some friends (there was probably less communication than a usual working day so this is definitely a reward!)

Having the reward to look forward to means you will want to get on with what you need to do so you have more time to enjoy in the evening. Succumbing to distractions will be easier to avoid with something to look forward to…as long as the work gets done!

That concludes our panda pointers for today. Next time you need to spend a day working from home, keep these tips in mind and it can be just as productive as any other day.

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