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What can you do when faced with a big career decision? It could be accepting a new role, deciding to leave your current role or taking a step up. There are plenty of different decisions you’ll have to make throughout your career.

But how do you tackle them? In our latest Panda Pointers, we’re offering five ways that will really help you when making a big career decision.

1) Speak to the people who know you best

This is an important thing regardless of making a big decision…family and friends know you best and can offer sound advice!

Find time to sit down to seek advice and opinions on what your choice might mean not just for you, but for those around you. Of course, it might not impact your personal life - but if it can, you need to consider all the people who are affected by your decision.

Even if it isn’t a decision that will impact others, it’s still great to hear from people who are impartial or might have experienced a similar decision.

2) Get into a career decision mindset

When making a career decision, you must realise that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. Saying no to what ever the choice might be doesn’t mean your career is over while saying yes might not make a huge impact in the long run.

When deciding, you must consider everything logically. Which brings us to pointer number 3…

3) Visualise the decision

An amazing way to help with a career decision is to visualise the decision as if it were a map of some kind.

Creating a decision map will help you understand the different routes and avenues each choice will take you down. Look at each potential outcome and weigh up the pros and cons of each. Draw flow charts, arrows, speech bubbles…anything that really represents the journey of your big career decision.

Another great way to analyse each outcome is to rate what will happen – for example, will a certain choice lead to an outcome that is essential to your life and career? Or is there anything that results in something that isn’t exciting or important? Try the decision map now!

4) Take your time

A short and sweet panda pointer here…don’t rush anything! This is a decision about your career, not what you’re having for dinner. Don’t allow people (perhaps those awaiting the decision) to pressure you – acknowledge this big choice and ask others to respect the space you need to make it.

It’s important for your brain to switch off as it will likely be in overdrive when making your big career decision.

5) Know what you will do with your career decision

This is the final step in the career decision making process and follows on nicely from pointers 3 and 4. You have your decision map and you’ve taken all the time you need to make the big choice. So, what will you do with the decision you make?

The big thing on your mind will be making a success of your career plan, so focus on the big things you can achieve no matter what route you take. This will inject positivity into the choice – either you will remain in your current situation or decide to change it. That doesn’t have to be daunting as you already have the pros and cons – you just need to know what you’re going to do with them!

Good luck with your career decision!

We hope these five panda pointers will help with your big career decision – remember that your career is an adventure, so these tough choices are all part of the fun. If you do need ecommerce career advice, you know where we are!  

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