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It’s almost that time again! The office Christmas party is coming up, but are you struggling to find a theme? The latest Panda Pointers is giving you the five best themes to make sure your office Christmas party is panderrific!

1) Santa’s Workshop

Why not create the infamous Santa’s Workshop with everyone dressed in elf costumes accompanied by pointed ears, and the CEO dressed as Santa. What more could you want?

Recreate a modern-day workshop, with Christmas based cocktails, fun games and activities, including Elves singing in a Christmas Karaoke sing off. Why not bring your pets and dress them as if they were part of the workshop too? It is Christmas after all...the more the merrier

2) Winter Wonderland

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but also the coldest! Make the most of the cold weather by combining Winter and a wonderland, but also helping yourself to a cheeky, but festive, glass of mulled wine.

If you’re a bigger company, why not jazz up the wonderland and introduce a Masquerade Ball? Everyone dressing up, in their best suits and dresses, whilst covering up with a traditional Christmas themed mask. You never know, a panda might appear!

3) Christmas Murder Mystery

Whodunnit? Give each person a new identity as they enter the crime scene, handing out props and costumes to help each person get into character. Make sure you get yourself into the Christmas spirit with festive murder weapons (if they can be). 

For example, a Bauble with unlimited strength, or a Christmas tree with branches as sharp as a knife. Find out the festive murderer whilst still being in the Christmas spirit.

4) Christmas Quiz

Increase your teams Christmas knowledge by treating them to a Christmas Quiz. Make it competitive or fun, but make sure you reward your hard-working team with a Christmas themed gift (a bottle of wine always goes down a treat).

You can include all sorts of different categories including a music round, general knowledge, the names of all the reindeer and maybe if you’re feeling rather pantastic, why not include a quick-fire round, to really test your colleagues!

5) The ugliest Christmas Jumper/Worst present party

Do you own a Christmas jumper? Is it the worst, the ugliest, the most unfashionable item of clothing you own? Great! Wear it to the 'Ugliest Christmas Jumper' themed party. You might even get a prize for how bad it really is!

Why not top the night off with secret Santa? Not any old secret Santa, but the worst present anyone could imagine! For example, buy someone a windup toy of the Queen, or a poster of the best dance moves in the world, or even better, a t-shirt with your face on!

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