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Posted: 19th of December 2017 by Chris Cox

Five Panda Pointers: Your 2018 career top tips

Career Advice & Tips

Make 2018 the year of your career! Throughout the year, our ‘Panda Pointers’ series has been offering five tips on a number of career topics – from team building to job search motivation.

To wrap up our series for the year, we wanted to offer our top five panda pointers which we will use to create our 2018 career top tips…call it a 2018 starter pack courtesy of the pandas! Whether you’re happy in your role or looking to move in the new year, these tips will help you kick off the year in the right way!

1) Career skills – Diversify your learning

Learning new career skills is very important, but maintaining what you learn is the key to success. In our ‘Five Panda Pointers: How to maintain learned career skills’ focus, we outlined five ways to keep yourself refreshed on what is important for your skillset.

Our top tip is to diversify your learning. For careers in 2018, a big focus will be expanding on skills to stay up to date with all new developments. If there is a particular skill you want to learn, don’t limit yourself…if you need access to a computer for example, take refresher quizzes or jot down notes when you’re on the move.

2) Work-life balance – Leave the emails alone!

A good work-life balance makes for a very happy worker!

We admire people who are really dedicated to their work and career, but we really believe that work-life balance is so important. In ‘Five Panda Pointers: How to switch off on your holiday’, we outlined five things you need to do to have a restful break.

The top tip is that emails are a no-go zone because you don’t even have to be on holiday to be tempted by a sneaky look at your emails. When you’re having rest time…use it! 

3)  A harmonious work place – let everyone get involved.

Your work place is so central to your career…you spend quite a lot of time there. We think it’s very important that everyone is happy with their surroundings, outlined in ‘Five Panda Pointers: How to make your office great for everyone’.

Our top tip for achieving a great workplace is to get everyone involved in planning out what will make the office great. There is no better team building activity than building something together!

4) 2018 is the year of team work – understand individual merit

In ‘Five Panda Pointers: How to show appreciation to your team’, we outline the important ways to show your appreciation to your team.

Our top pick is to understand the individual value of each team member. In order to work as a strong unit, you should understand what each team member offers and how they work. Knowing what motivates your team will also really help with team morale and openness. 

5)  Motivation – Job searching or in staying in your current role? Keep motivated!

Motivation is so important in your career and also when you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity…which is why we created the ‘Motivational job search playlist’. While this post is aimed at the job search, these epic songs will keep you motivated in any situation!

(We really can’t pick between these five songs…they are all equally cheesy and brilliant!)

What does your career hold in 2018?

Whether you are happy in your role or looking for a new ecommerce job, 2018 is going to be big for the pandas! Keep your eyes peeled for more ‘Panda Pointers’ in 2018…Happy New Year!

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