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You might have already seen that we have recently partnered with Growth Tribe! They are a Growth Marketing academy that have taken their curriculum to London following huge success in Amsterdam.

The team at Growth Tribe invited us along to experience their first two day Growth Marketing course in London, so being the digital enthusiasts that we are, we could not say no! Our Performance Marketing recruitment consultant Josh also went along, to learn even more about the Growth Marketing space. 

An introduction to the two day Growth Tribe course

So can you really learn the intricacies of Growth Marketing with Growth Tribe in just two days? Of course you can! You need to be curious, engaged and be ready for some serious learning!

Learning and understanding the tools needed for growth marketing success is intense, but the Growth Tribe team have found the right balance – while you can listen to the teachings, you then get the chance to put those into practice with technical tasks and brainstorming ideas for your own work.

Because each Growth ‘Triber’ has their own individual strengths, it means every aspect of the growth marketing journey – be it your website content, customer acquisition or a more technical know how – is covered by someone who really knows what they are talking about. 

Our highlights

  • Growth Marketing tales – The course kicked off with some fantastic examples of Growth Marketing; the origins of Air BnB, PayPal, Dropbox and the record breaker of most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes to name but a few! If you don’t know the tales, we’d recommend looking them up.
  • First impressions count – Whether you work in a start up or a big business, you know how important landing pages are. Be it the home page, or a landing page for a specific campaign, first impressions will count. The students were given the opportunity to find out exactly what impressions users get from their sites with a five second test and recorded user session to see exactly how users are interacting with your website.
  • Your very own landing page – Following on from the above, you also get the chance to build your very own landing page, using all the copywriting and UX tips you’ve gathered so far. Once you’re finished, you get to repeat the same tests with your new page. How different will the results be with your new Growth Marketing tips?
  • WOW Moment – Do you know what your websites WOW moment is? At what point will a user think ‘Wow, I need this product/service in my life?’ Think about how many steps it takes them to reach that moment…did you know you can cut this down to one simple step?
  • Time to experiment –  As the two days draw to a close, you are then set one final task…your very own experiment. Using the tools you’ve gathered throughout the course, think about an experiment you would like to try when you return to the office. You will be taken through exactly how to implement your idea, what resources will help you and what obstacles you might face. It’s great to take yourself through every aspect of the idea and the Growth Tribe team are on hand to help you write down your experiment plans!  
  • Added bonuses – Not only was the venue great, all Growth Tribe students were also catered to with coffee, juice, pastries, and an amazing lunch. How can you say no to that?

Will you be attending the next Growth Tribe course?

Will this year be the year that you find your dream growth marketing job? We can talk all day about how much we enjoyed the course and we would absolutely recommend it to anyone who would benefit from two days of serious Growth Marketing goodness. So, head on over to the website and find out more about the next Growth Tribe crash course on the 6th & 7th of April!

If you do decide to attend, here are 3 tips to make the most out of a great two days…

  • Know what kind of growth you would like to see in the work you do. Having this in mind at all times will really help you with brainstorming ideas and applying the learnings to your work.
  • Speaking of brainstorming, we recommend you always write down ideas as each section of the course is underway. The Growth Tribe team will provide you with very handy ideas sheets that will really help you break down the ideas you have. So keep that close by and brainstorm away, no matter how crazy your ideas might be!
  • Follow up with your experiment promise! Once you’re back in the office, retrieve your experiment plan and get to work!

The pandas are very excited to see what Growth Tribe do next…make sure you don’t miss out and get yourself a space on their next course! 

Find out more about Growth Tribe founder David Arnoux in our Panda Q&A series. 

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