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Nov 21, 2018 3:28:28 PM

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Sometimes we can come across a quote online that rings true to us, or someone we meet can word a situation so perfectly. They are the words we have been trying to find for months. It can feel sometimes that everyone is talking about work-life balance, finding yourself, being who you are and taking more time for you. But when life throws hundreds of things at you and time in the day is not available, how do we run the ‘perfect’ life where everything works as it should?

Jenn Wright is a beautiful human being inside and out who brings all this confusion down to earth where it makes handling emotions and fears so much easier. Jenn has many years of experience as a personal development coach and has a deep understanding of what makes people tick. Whether that be professionally or personally, she brings her skills of art and psychology together to offer something unique. I personally cannot vouch enough for you to take the time to read some of Jenn’s articles. They disregard all the technical talk of how to improve your life and states it how it is. A favourite of mine is, ‘Change is a process, not an event.’ Sometimes we must face facts and accept what we have been ignoring.


What is most important to you right now? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you ‘being’, who you want to be? Are you feeling what you want to feel?

With the winter days getting shorter and shorter, it can seem like we have less time to have all the experiences we need in our day. A work-life balance can feel more out of kilter than it did just weeks ago when the evenings seemed to go on forever!

When we look at our work-life balance, what happens by default, is we separate them, as if the essence of who we are is different depending on our environment and responsibilities. What is much more affective is for us to focus on ‘balance’. Taking into consideration all I mentioned in my first paragraph. We can revisit our values - love, contribution, fun, connection. What are the values that are right up there for you at this present time? Are you creating the experiences you need in order to live them?

There are all sorts of activities that I could suggest or tell you to make sure you give yourself an hour every morning, and to not take on too much through other expectations. However, the truth is, we will continue to do all sorts of stuff, in ways that maybe isn’t best for us, unless we think of our values daily, and what is important to us to experience more of.

Here’s a very simple exercise that for me seems to be most effective for us to have balance, without having to think about what we need to change, but instead pulls us toward what we want to feel more of.

Each morning, in the shower, on your commute or whilst waking up in bed. Just take 10 mins to connect with what your heart wants to feel more of on this day and make a vow to yourself to make sure you feel it! This is the balance you need more of, you’re getting in touch with your core, and in-fact it makes no difference where you are in order to experience it. If connection jumps up for you, you can create the right place, time or experience in which to feel it, and it bears no resemblance as to whether you’re at work or at the gym. The same with trust, love, compassion to name a few.

With this great connection with ourselves, we will find ways to actualise the deepest part of who we are, and that is the most authentic balance. I’m not suggesting it’s healthy to spend 15 hours a day at work. What I am suggesting is if you’re truthful to yourself, I mean REALLY truthful about your needs, the ‘how’ will take care of itself!

What do you think?

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