Happy National Lipstick Day!

Jul 28, 2021 7:46:39 PM

To mark today as National Lipstick Day, we are taking notes from the recently promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Research, innovation, and Technology to define the future of beauty at L’oreal. 

With 30 years of experience at Loreal, Barbara Lavernos is a force not to be reckoned with… she’s been taking the brand by storm with an aim to provide a more tailored experience with makeup for users. Lavernos double promotion within the same year demonstrates her background and true passion for technological innovation.

Laveronos has been the key driver in Loreal’s digital transformation combining both science and technology. She states,

We look forward to developing innovation that pushes the boundaries of science and reinvents beauty rituals thanks to technology.

Beauty tech is a category being totally pioneered by women in tech such as Lavernos who are prioritising the need to diversify the brand to relate more to their multi-cultural audience. With Loreals extensive existence with 112 years leading the drugstore and high-end beauty industry, their trusted choice to change their focus on personalization is due to be pivotal.

Lavernos states in an interview,

“In the past, most of the companies provided global products that [were believed to] suit everyone,” Lavernos said. “Today, we [have the capacity to know consumers] in real-time, to know their expectations, to know their environment, to know their skin because with virtual reality, with virtual try-on, we can have this dialogue with our consumers.”

Personalised Lipstick

At this year’s CES, the most influential consumer tech event, Loreals sister brand Yves Saint Laurent introduced Rouge Sur Measure.

This is a smart at-home technique for consumers to produce personalized lipstick, whilst having the option to pick from thousands of shades with one touch.  How is it done? Firstly, the user must download the app on their mobile device. Artificial intelligence is then used to allow the consumer to try out different shades until they are happy with one.

Additionally, the consumer is able to take an image of their outfit accessories such as shoes or a handbag which then lets the app match the lipstick colour to the outfit.

Hopefully, this should reduce time and effort spend mixing shades to find the right one, or worse not being able to try on lipstick shades in a post-pandemic world.  Despite safety measures in place removing all forms of testers in stores in this current climate. It was always advisable to avoid trying on shades in stores.

Lavernos’s next challenge, I’m sure a lot of beauty-savvy consumers would be very happy should she wish to accept it. The beauty industry would highly benefit from a way of experiencing the texture and consistency of formulas.  This will come hand in hand with finding the perfect shade… nothing beats setting your senses on the perfect texture!

We are excited to see where beauty tech goes and will be keeping up to date with it regularly as the industry continues to wow us.



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