Hiring ecommerce talent: are long processes making you miss out?

May 9, 2019 1:15:03 PM

When it comes to the ecommerce hiring process, are you doing enough to keep top ecommerce talent engaged? One of the key parts of any hiring process is to show the culture of the brand, and getting the candidates excited about the role. We understand that you want this process to be thorough, but is it taking so long that candidates begin looking elsewhere? Are you running the risk of missing out on top ecommerce talent?

If you are hiring ecommerce talent and getting back to them or the recruiter with feedback is bottom of your to do list, this needs to stop. Eventually, you will get around to providing the feedback only to find out the candidate is pulling out of the process. In the first of this two part #PandaPounds blog, we are going to look at what ecommerce professionals expect of the hiring process when it comes to length of the process.

What does our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report show us?

We’ve recently released the latest edition of our ecommerce salary survey & insights report! It’s full of ecommerce industry insights, so make sure you get your hands on a free copy! So, back to the subject at hand…

Recruiting for a position within your team and managing your day to day responsibilities, including new product launches and strategy meetings, is difficult. You want to find that perfect ideal candidate which sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. So, you enlist the help of a recruiter, but that just adds another person to get back to on your long list of emails every morning!  

Professionals have their own expectations when it comes to how long the hiring process should take and you must consider the fact that exceptionally experienced and talented candidates will be in high demand. They will be hounded by numerous brands, many of whom will be your competitors. These candidates will consider how smooth and professional the recruitment process was when making final decisions, so don’t let competitors outshine you.  

In the latest salary survey, we asked our respondents how long they expect the ecommerce recruitment process to take, from sending their CV to receiving the job offer. Here’s what they told us…

Ecommerce Hiring Expectations 2019

As we can see, there haven’t been dramatic changes from 2018, but the majority of ecommerce professionals expect a process of 4 to 6 weeks. It’s very important to take this into account when planning your next hiring round.

Those who responded from a senior to director level were unsurprisingly expecting an 8 to 12 weeks recruitment period. These interviews can consist of up to four stages, with presentations and in-depth meetings with multiple parties as a requirement. However, with 41% of our respondents looking for a 4 week turn around, how many of those would wait around for feedback if it took longer than this?

End of part one…

We don’t want to overload you with too much information, so we will take a break from this topic! In a few days we will release part two, which will look at giving feedback and what ecommerce professionals do if they don’t hear anything back following interviews. For more information on planning for the hiring process, you can download our hiring guide below!

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