How to approach your new job application

Aug 21, 2015 4:21:28 PM

We recently looked at the process to go through when considering a job offer. We’ve decided to go back to the beginning, where the ‘Apply’ button gets quite a beating from your mean old mouse.

How should you approach your new job application? Can you lower the amount of roles you apply for, out of necessity or curiosity, so that when the offers come in you’ll have a nice hand-picked selection of roles that are right for you?

How can I personalise my CV?

The humble CV will be the first snapshot of who you are, so try not to be robotic. The skills page is where you can state what is unique about you. Try mixing in your skills with career highlights, to demonstrate what your unique skills brought to the table.

  • Great communication skills: These are important, of course, but won’t everyone have this? What kind of communications do you excel at? If your current/past role was content based, for example, state you have a specific talent at written communication.
  • Working as a team: Again, great to have the team work spirit but what have you done in a team to bring everyone in the team forward?
  • Attention to detail: Specify how you can differentiate your approach to certain tasks which require a different stance. The more varied you are, the more appealing you’ll be.
  • What makes you different: There might be a talent or skill not completely relevant to the role, but will pique the interest of the employer if you sneak it in. No, we’re not talking about eating ten hotdogs in one minute but something really intriguing!

These are just a few examples for your skills section. For other CV tips, click here.

Approach the job ad carefully

Write a small list to highlight the key factors that will make you click apply. Here are some tips to get the most out of a job ad:


What salary does your experience deserve? Research the current market, and decide what will give you a comfortable living. You might find the perfect role, but the salary is slightly lower than expected. Consider the lowest decrease you would accept if the role is right for you.   


The job might sound amazing, but really consider everything about the commute; cost, time and your own comfort.


You want the responsibilities to challenge you, applying previous experience and knowledge to existing problems within the role. Make sure you are comfortable with the responsibilities that will be placed on your shoulders, as you wouldn’t want to enter a job that’s an ill fit.


When you find a job you like the sound of, don’t blindly apply without researching the company or talking to someone who might know the company culture more. Does the job ad itself have a unique company voice, or is it a run of the mill request for a new employee? What about benefits? Who doesn’t love perks to the job?

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