How to be money savvy while working in London

May 16, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Do you find that a week after being paid you look at your bank account and think, “Right, well it’s tinned soups and walking home for me then – where has my money gone already?!” This may sound like a typical, girl moves to the windy city to become a superstar but has to go through difficult times first, kind of line but it is true. Working in London is not cheap - it is expensive, and it can sometimes feel as if you are putting in all the work, but not getting any time to reward yourself or the money to do it.

The enticing lights of the big city can make it hard to refuse an invitation for dinners and drinks after work, but sometimes it is good to be the one to say no. If you are serious about your career, then save those occasions as a treat. You will not be the only one doing this, there is a reason why pay day in London means mass hysteria of rammed restaurants and bars.

There is nothing worse then going to work the next day feeling rough, tired and wishing you were back in bed. Save your nights out for a Thursday or Friday night with your work colleagues and limit it to twice a month. Do you know how often Londoners will say; “I wish I could go out at the end of the month, not just when I get paid.” Don’t get sucked into the spending of the city in that first week after pay day - pace yourself and you will find you can reward your hard work for the whole month.


Can you imagine how difficult it is to avoid shopping in a place like New York City? Well, London is no better. Especially when the weather is rubbish, going inside a store to avoid the rain at the time sounds like a good idea, but two hours later you are walking out with five bags and have officially entered your overdraft. It is all about reward. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and sometimes shopping can just mean buying the necessities.

Changing your mindset to think of shopping as a reward for your hard work means that only shopping once a month can mean so much more. You will walk out of the store proudly knowing you deserve this. You won’t be shamefully hiding your shopping and wondering if you should turn right back around and return it. For some they will go to the next level when it comes to rewards - if they have not had a productive month, not hit targets or simply been lazy at the office, then shopping is a big no-no!


For most of you, food is the best thing to spend your money on. The problem is, it is easy to lose track of how much of your salary is spent on food and drinks. Pick the places you have been wanting to try as 15% of what you spend your money on and 85% you prepare and eat at home or take to work. If you make food, you will enjoy eating and it won’t feel like a chore to make the food.


Ubers are everywhere…literally. With the recent announcement of more Ubers being brought into London, it is very easy after a night out or when leaving work to jump into a taxi. Just like food and just like shopping, these costs add up and what may only take 15 minutes to walk you are instead taking the lazy route and driving. Who else agrees that the underground in the morning or just as you leave work is hectic? Make a rule for yourself if the journey would take twenty minutes or less, walk it. Treat yourself when it rains to get public transport but other than that, get the benefit of added exercise and a break from your computer screen and walk it.

These are just a few sure-fire ways to help you survive the month after being paid without crawling to the end of the month! Don’t forget if you work hard then you want to enjoy the reward you give yourself, not buy something and worry that you shouldn’t.

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