How to overcome imposter syndrome in your eCommerce career

Feb 1, 2023 10:10:21 AM

Is imposter syndrome beginning to affect your eCommerce career?

Self-sabotage could be holding you back, and at Cranberry Panda, we are here to help you confidently excel in your new role!

What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can affect people of all ages and experience levels; however, it is mostly high-achieving adults that experience symptoms. Imposter syndrome causes self-doubt and makes you question whether you have legitimately earnt your achievements.

According to a 1978 article based on clinical experience, it was proven that the impostor phenomenon is less prevalent in men.

Maybe you have taken a risky career jump or you’re taking on more responsibility in your current role – either way, imposter syndrome can make you feel less confident and capable and is more common in eCommerce than you might think.

How to combat imposter syndrome

Unfortunately for us, imposter syndrome isn’t a medical condition that can be treated with medication. Imposter syndrome is linked very closely to the perfectionist personality trait, which means that those who are susceptible to it may struggle with overcoming it.

However, here are some tips to help you get through it and realise your potential.

Focus on facts

When you start to think the worst, it is best to focus on the facts. It can be easy to make up stories or build scenarios in your head that could be based on fear, rather than reality. Although you may not be able to prevent this, there are things to do once these feelings start to creep in.

For example, if you are questioning whether you are capable of working on a particular project, you must remember that you are here for a reason. Focus on your previous career successes, and you will soon realise that they out way your struggles.

Sharing your feelings

If you keep these negative feelings to yourself, they will start to manifest. However, if you decide to share them with your manager, or even a colleague at work, they will likely be able to reassure you or give you advice to point you in the right direction.

For some, praise and reassurance is necessary, even when it is clear that they aren’t failing. .

Panda Tip 💡

We send our brand-new pandas a personality test before their first day to better understand their personality traits, and their preferred ways of working. This really helps our managers to treat each person as an individual. We find that some people prefer working alone, where others prefer team work. We also are able to pick up on more sensitive individuals and more confident ones, and those who need more support along the way.

This helps to prevent imposter syndrome down the line.

You’re not alone

Although you may feel like the incapable odd one out at work, you will be surprised to know that many other people are feeling the exact same way.

Research shows that a whopping 62% of global employees have experienced imposter syndrome, and this figure may just help you rationalise an imposter syndrome feeling next time it starts to rear its ugly head.

Many eCommerce leaders and entrepreneurs have experienced similar feelings. Some feel like they got lucky with their success or had too much help along the way. eCommerce leaders are expected to set an example, so it can be even more pressurising for leaders to combat these feelings.

Finding your perfect eCommerce job

Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back! We work with some of the top global eCommerce brands and can help you find your next eCommerce or Digital role that will leave you with confidence and career satisfaction.

Reach out to one of our pandas or visit our candidate hub today to find out more!

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