#InspiringGreatRetail with creative ecommerce

Nov 5, 2015 6:10:34 PM

"What's the difference between creativity and a great experience?"

That's the question we were confronted with when we began reading the winter 2015 edition of Blueleaf's #InspiringGreatRetail: Creativity in Ecommerce and Payments report. The answer? Simple. As User Experience Director Chris jones states: "creativity is best practice".

Creative ecommerce: the only way forward 

The winter report highlights some incredible examples of ecommerce done well - with loads of creativity. Brands such as Bellroy, Bose and ETQ are featured, selected because they are leading the way when it comes to creativity through imagery and interactivity, super-smooth and streamlined customer journeys, and more.  

Payments and payments experience - online and offline

Now, you might be wondering why the winter report focuses on creativity in ecommerce andretail payments. Rob Smith, managing director at Blueleaf explains: "there are more similarities than you may initially think in terms of innovation ... [with everything leading] to excellent customer journeys and customer-centric thinking". 

With a heavy focus on mobile and small business, the payments section of report champions some of the industry's most amazing and innovative strategies as rolled out by Best Buy and Starbucks. A must-read for those curious to see how creativity can enhance the payment process!

Get ready to be inspired..!

Head on over to the Blueleaf website and download yourself a shiny new copy of the latest #InspiringGreatRetail report. Enjoy and be sure to tweet your love and thoughts (for the report!) using the #InspiringGreatRetail hashtag. 

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