Instruction guide: How to build your ecommerce team

Aug 23, 2013 3:20:43 PM

Need some tips to help you build your ecommerce teamLook no further! Our chief, Jonathan Hall, has teamed up with James Gurd to produce a report for econsultancy, on 'how to on build and grow ecommerce teams'. This report focuses on the challenges facing senior ecommerce professionals as the industry grows and diversifies. It's aimed at client-side ecommerce practitioners who have a hands-on role in managing and expanding the ecommerce channel.

" Both Jonathan and his co-founder Joe Mountain have been in ecommerce for 14 years, having started and sold an ecommerce development agency called e-inbusiness and also a hugely successful etailer, cranberry panda has quickly grown into the ‘go to’ agency for ecommerce teams looking for new people but also advice and consultancy about the sector." - econsultancy.

What's in the 'Build your Ecommerce Team: Best Practice' report?

Get your paws on a copy of the report and you'll walk away knowing a whole load more about:

  • The skills required to manage ecommerce teams.
  • How to identify the relevant skills to add as the business grows.
  • How to integrate these new skills into the existing environment.
  • How to effectively manage a growing team.
  • The organisational structures available for managing an ecommerce team.
  • The options available for identifying and recruiting the best talent.
  • How changing market conditions are impacting the demands on ecommerce teams.

Here's a free sample of the full report to get you started. You can download the full report herefor £450.

Salary benchmarking and ecommerce team structure

As part of our ecommerce recruitment service, we offer advice on salary benchmarking and on team structure, based on the needs and goals of your organisation. To discuss team building and learn more about the ecommerce teams we've built, contact us

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