Introducing...Panda giving

Feb 18, 2016 5:17:50 PM

Creating happiness…one job at a time. That is our vision here at cranberry panda, and one that every single panda takes into their work every day. We love placing ecommerce superstars into great ecommerce brands or finding an ecommerce team that perfect new team member.

However, there is more to our ‘creating happiness’ outlook that you might not know about. Helping others is in the panda genes and we want to extend this beyond the ecommerce recruitment landscape. Here’s a little bit about ‘Panda Giving’.

What’s our aim? 

We want to inject a feel good factor into the panda values, not that there wasn’t enough already! There is always room for more happiness and giving back to the wider community. Keep your eyes open throughout the year for many of our panda giving efforts, from individual endeavours to the pandas coming together collectively.

What’s coming up?

Did you know you can already join in the panda giving spirit? That’s right! We are donating £1 per respondent to our 2016 ecommerce salary survey to Anthony Nolan or The Running Charity. All the respondents have to do is pick which charity they’d like to donate to. If you haven’t taken our survey yet, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of Anthony Nolan, we have a very special bake sale coming up next week! On Monday 22nd February, look out for #PandasWhoBake. We will be sharing our efforts on social media and we’ll be blogging about it in The Panda Express. All the proceeds will go straight to Anthony Nolan. You can read why one of the pandas relates to this charity right here.

These are just a few upcoming panda giving efforts…we’ll be keeping you all up to date on our future plans. We are very excited!

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